4pm Update…

The big news of the day is that Jessie passed her swallow test today and is able to begin eating “real” food again!!! She ate some macaroni and cheese and drank some Cherry Coke, and is currently awaiting a much anticipated delivery of sliders and a milkshake from Red Robin ūüôā ¬†This is a very huge mental victory for Jess. Jaime has been in surgery for several hours to repair her ankle and Steven is still in the ICU. He was able to sit up briefly and everyone was pleased with that progress.¬†

We are so very blessed by every tiny step of progress that is made by each of these kids and overall today has been a really good day. However, we also don’t want our focus on and celebration of the victories to diminish the fact that Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy are still in the midst of the most challenging situation any of us can imagine. Their days are often long, hard, and frustrating. ¬†They need every bit of encouragement and love that we can give them and they have a long fight ahead. ¬†


Quick Update…

We saw a huge answer to prayer today!  Steven has made some major improvements in the past 24 hours and even got his breathing tube out today!  Jaime is awaiting her next surgery, to get her ankle stabilized.  Jessie wore her Mack Strong jersey today to watch the Seahawks game from her room that looks straight down into the stadium.  Now that she has her own room we have been able to decorate it with all of the pictures and cards you have been sending in, and the banner that some of you were able to sign at the vigil hangs above her head so that she can see all of the encouraging words from people who love her whenever she needs to.  She has a full day of therapy ahead of her tomorrow.  Jer visited everyone at the hospital this afternoon.  Thank you for continuing to keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road ahead of them, but are so incredibly appreciative of your support.  They know that you are with them!

5pm Update…

Good news today!¬† When I walked into Jaime’s room this morning she was sitting up, eating a bowl of soup!¬† You have no idea how truly AMAZING this is.¬† She is talkative and glad to have her loved ones around, and seeing her doing so well is such a relief to all of us.¬† We have so much hope! She was looking forward to getting to go on a “field trip” to visit Steven for the first time, as well as Jessie in her new room on the rehab floor.¬† She is going to be moved out of ICU and we are thrilled with that.

Steven is still in the ICU and unfortunately his condition is pretty much the same.  Please pray for Steven!

Jessie started rehab today! She is able to receive balloons, flowers and gifts now that she is out of the ICU- but she’ll be there for a while, so if you are thinking about sending her something you don’t necessarily need to do it right away.¬† Neither Jessie, Jaime or Steven are receiving visitors. We’ll be sure to let you know if/when this changes.

One of the things Jessie has asked for us to get her to put on her wall is a poster of Kenny Chesney ūüôā¬† We have sent Kenny a message through Facebook, sharing Jess’s story with him, and we are hoping that he’ll sign one for her and send it to her.¬† If you have a minute, it would be AWESOME if you could also send Kenny a message (go to his Facebook page and send him a private message) telling him how amazing Jessie is and how much you’d appreciate it if he’d send her something personal.¬† Wouldn’t it be cool if he actually did it?¬† We’ll let you know!

Thank you so, so, sooooo much to all of you wonderful friends who have made us meals.  Our refrigerators are filling up and we are so grateful!  Please continue to spread the word about this family, and especially about the relief fund.  We are so appreciative of the prayers, well-wishes, cards, photos, meals, donations and LOVE that you are pouring out on this family.  God Bless each of you!