11pm Update

There isn’t much new information for me to share.  Jaime is currently in surgery and will be for the entire night.  Jessie is stable and doctors will continue to assess her in the hopes that she can undergo surgery in the next day or two.  Steven is out of surgery and the surgery went well.  All three are still in critical condition and we will likely not know their true prognosis and the full extent of their injuries for weeks or possibly even months to come.  The recovery process is undoubtedly going to be extremely long.  We want to be clear with all of you that we are deeply appreciative of the support that you want to give the family during this time, but that it will be quite some time before anyone will be allowed to visit any of these three.  Thank you for understanding, and for giving the doctors, nurses and loved ones in the midst of this the space they need to best care for our dear Jess, Jaime, Jer and Steven.  As we continue to assess what needs to be done to help care for the family, we will be sure to let you know if we can use your help in any way.  Until then, please just pray for their strength and check this blog for updates. Thank you. 

13 thoughts on “11pm Update

  1. Praying from Montana… I’m so sorry to hear of this. I don’t know their family, but have met Jessie, and my heart is broken for their family. There are no words to say except that I’m praying.

  2. Thanks for the updates!!! I can’t stop thinking about all of them and will continue to pray for strength for all of them in the days and months to come!! Xoxo

  3. Worked with Steven for about two years at London drugs. He was completely blown over with love for Jaime. I am so so sorry to find out about this today and my heart breaks for the family. Keeping them in prayers. Please continue updating us through the blog.

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated. I’ve been checking the blog all day for updates. Praying for them all…and you and your family too. Xoxo

  5. Thank you for all the updates. My heart breaks for them and my family and I are praying for their strength during recovery. I know them through playing softball with Jess since little league and going to school with her. They are such a great family and so full of life and love. I hope that they all pull through as best as possible and will help any way possible.

  6. Thanks fir the updates. Steven is a great guy and my heart goes to his family and loved ones.

    It’s good to know they’re all pushing through.

  7. Thanks again for creating these updates. It cannot be easy for you either. We all appreciate the effort it takes. Please do let us know when we can begin to reach out to lend hands, hearts …whatever it takes to the family. I’ve known Cheryl for several years now as a colleague but more importantly, a dear friend. I adored her and the entire family.

  8. Still praying like crazy. We are all behind every one of you. Much love and strength being sent your way. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  9. Hi! I am a fellow Northshore teacher and a fellow Jess 🙂 My friends, family, and I are praying for total healing! Stay feisty Jess- I look forward to seeing you at future district trainings 😉

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