7:30am update

Thank you.  Thank you a million times.  The weight of this tragedy is almost unbearable, but the words of encouragement, thoughts, prayers, stories you have shared, and the unbelievable love that you, the beloved community of this sweet family, have shared with us gives us strength. And as you know, we need it.  Aunt Terry, Heather, my mom Kathy, and Betta, as well as Steven’s mom and sister, who have all been at the hospital almost non-stop since this happened, have been absolute rocks throughout this. Last night I was able to run my fingers through Jessie’s hair and tell her that thousands of people from all over the world are praying for her, and that she is going to be okay. Heather spent the night in Jessie’s room with her, and now that Jessie, Jaime and Steven are in the same hospital, it is making it easier for us to give one another breaks.  Someone is always with them…we are not leaving their sides.  Jeremy is in good hands and is being loved on and cared for by his dearest friends.  Tim and Cheryl were pillars of this community and they made every person who walked through their doors feel like they were family.  Words truly do not express what they mean to all of us (and when I say “us” I mean YOU, too!).

Medical update…Jaime got out of surgery at about 6:00 this morning.  Both Jaime and Steven will not undergo any other surgeries for the next couple of days in order to give their bodies time to rest and heal.  Jessie will go into surgery sometime today.  We will keep you updated.  Thank you for continuing to cover them (and all of us) in prayer.  You are amazing!


22 thoughts on “7:30am update

  1. Christy, Please tell Jessie I am praying for her and her family around the clock. I live in Ellensburg now, but heard through Linda Brenden, also in Ellensburg, about this tragic situation. God is a powerful Healer. I am counting on Him to heal Jessie and her family. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. Thank you a thousand times over for keeping us updated. Is there anything we can do for your families as you are going through this care giving process?

    • Thank you so much for asking, Cindy. Right now we are taking it hour by hour and we have all of our family in town for Christmas, so we are doing okay. As the picture becomes clearer in the next few days, we’ll have more of an idea of how we can use help….and we will definitely need it! We’ll be sure to let you know…thank you!

  3. The time you are taking to post these updates is tremendously appreciated. I am a new friend to Jaime, having started law school together, and was given the chance, what I now see as a gift, to meet her mom when she attended a couple of our Adoption Law classes. Mrs. Owens was a woman I know I could have talked to for hours and watching her and Jaime interact was a treat. I am so sorry for your families loss. My thoughts are with your family and I’m looking forward to hearing more of Jaime’s humor, which when you referred to in an earlier post, I smiled to myself and thought, yes, that would be Jaime. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Christy for keeping this blog going. My whole family is deeply grieving for the Owens. Tim and Cheryl were the most kindhearted, loving parents; I’m incredcibly honored to have known them as I have. It has helped to know that everyone’s conidtion is slowly improving and that they have the constant support of family with them. Please, please tell Jessie for me that I’m thinking of her constantly, I love her and am praying for her and her family.
    Thank you!!!!
    – Katie Holmes

  5. Thank you so much for this update, as I continue to pray for all of you and I wish I could be there to hug all of you and help if you if I could. The world lost two amazing people in Tim and Cheryl and I will miss them terribly. ❤

  6. Thank you for these updates. Many community in Indiana is keeping Steven and his family in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to more updates and pray for their quick recovery!

  7. Love to the entire clan and know that you are ever in our thoughts and prayers. These kids will lead incredible lives! xoxoxo

  8. I felt sick and cold when I heard this horrible news and didn’t want to believe it. My thoughts and heart are with Steven, Jamie and the Owens. Everyone here at London Drugs is in shock and we are all sadden by the news.

  9. Bless you for starting this blog! I’m sure everyone else is clinging to these updates as we are. Thank you! We are so grateful that the kids are all together now and will be able to draw off of each other’s strength. Their love for each other is so strong and it will take these kids far. Cheryl and Tim did such an incredible job of parenting. Who could have ever predicted that they were preparing their kids with the skills and positive attitude they would someday need to recover from a tragedy such as this.

  10. We were so saddened by the news. Our hearts and prayers are with the kids and all of you. We have prayer chains out to our friends and our church. Thank you so much for doing the updates we realize this is a very difficult time for you all.
    Osterhout family

  11. Thank you for having this blog.
    We are sending all our love and prayers too! I have faith in God and confidence in the Medical and Nursing teams at Harborview as a former Harborviewian critical care nurse.
    I am very sad that the earthly world has lost Cheryl and Tim. Always so positive and caring of others. Somehow I see them now caring for the Newtown children who were killed….
    Will keep praying for you all during this extremely difficult time.
    Know you are all loved so dearly!
    Marta Grapensteter and family

  12. Jeremy, please give Jessie a caress and a whisper from me. Kyle, Jessica and I share your grief heavily. I wish I could give you a hug and only let go in order for you to pass it along to Jessie, Jamie and Stephen.

  13. Thank God for this good news! We are keeping Jess, Jamie, Steven, Jeremy and you all in our prayers. Thank you for updates!

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