More good news!

Jessie had a great night. A miraculous night, really.  She didn’t need oxygen once all night long.  Wow.  Jessie is Jessie…a beautiful, determined, fighter of a girl and I know that she will continue to defy the odds.  We know that there are thousands (tens of thousands, actually!) of you who are just as excited as we are at the news.  This blog has now had more than 25,000 visits since we started it less than 2 days ago.  Your comments are soothing to us and hopefully we’ll be able to share some of them with the kids today.  Jaime and Steven’s conditions have not changed.  Jeremy has been staying with one of his best friends, and his family is taking amazing care of Jer.  He has been surrounded by his friends and is doing incredibly well.  He has expressed how much everyone’s messages have meant to him, so please keep them coming (through Facebook, the comments here, or actual cards in the mail).  Continue to let Jer know how much you love him!  Thank you for your prayers!


13 thoughts on “More good news!

  1. My strong Jessi,e of course you kicking some serious booty! I love you girl! I am thinking about you every minute! I long to see your smile and hear your laugh.

  2. When I think about Jessie defying the odds, the first thing I think of is, “of course she is!” That girl is a fighter – her spirit, tenacity, and attitude towards life is really something else.

    “Jessie, Jaime, Steven, and Jeremy,
    You have so many prayer warriors behind you. The entire Diederichs and Stookey family have been praying nonstop for you all. We are like family, and will continue to serve as family members once we are all able to help you. The loss of your parents is prfoind – to this world, our community, and to you. I know that they instilled all their morals and feistiness in you – and really great things are to come from all 4 of you. Oh will never be alone.

    I am so proud of you all – you are fighters – you are loved – you are prayed for – you will be unbelievable in the next chapter of your life.

    We’re always here for you. Love you so much. And Jessie – you KNOW I’m only saying this so you’ll smile – you’ll never hear me say it again … GO COUGS. Ha ha.

    Love you guys so much,
    Lisa, Jay & Paxton

  3. I am so glad to hear that Jessie is doing well. It is so hard to be at home right now when all I want to do is be holding their hands. I am sending all my love and prayers in their direction.

    Thank you for the updates.

  4. Wow! Well…truly, this is of no surprise. Jessie is one of the strongest women I know! Her strength to stand up for what she believes and her determination to grow into a woman with with passion for others is why we all love her so much. After meeting her family it all clicked. She was surrounded by some of the most incredible people. I will never forget her parents and will forever be grateful for my experiences with them.

    Jer, prayers from all corners of WA are shooting out to you and your family from the Hader/Valeri/Starkey clan. I cannot wait to wrap my arms you Jess! So much love to you right now!

  5. We carry you in our hearts and remember the warmth and love so evident in your family. Many, Many prayers surround each of you from Colorado and our extended family. Ann & John Peery

  6. Yay:) so glad to hear that about Jess! We keep praying and praying. Soon we will be hearing about miracles for the whole family. Lots of love, Court

  7. What wonderful news about Jess! I’m so glad to hear she has made it over that hurdle and she will leap over more because she has a strong spirit.. Jamie and Steven will do the same as we know how strong the Lords power is and through him, all is possible.
    Jeremy.. I love you honey, ever since you were 1 yrs old and your smile has brightened every room. Stay strong and know you have many wonderful loving people around you… We are all praying for each and every one of you. Love you all so much! Nanny Mary.

  8. I’m a former co-worker of Tim – I have very fond memories of my time working with him. I have enjoyed watching the Owen family grow over the years through the Owen family’s yearly Christmas letter and photos. My thoughts & prayers are with all of the family & friends.

  9. I’m so glad to hear about Jessie! I have a clear memory I want to share of when I visited Tim and Cheryl in Children’s Hospital the day after toddler Jaime had her heart surgery. I thought I’d give them hugs and maybe sit with them a while. Instead we sat and watched little Jaime run non-stop, laughing–also non-stop!–around the room, oblivious to her fresh incision. She’s such a delight, and a trooper too. Hope she’s her laughing self soon.

  10. I knew Tim professionally, handling claims on behalf of Aspen Specialty. Great guy and excellent adjuster. I will miss talking with him,
    From Atlanta, GA.
    He will be so proud of his children, focused on healing and staying together.

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