Christmas Evening Update

More great news regarding Jessie’s progress!  Her voice was much stronger today and she is approaching this with a great sense of humor and a ton of focus and determination.  When I saw her this morning she was super proud of a major accomplishment…she got to eat an ice chip 🙂  Later in the day she was even able to swallow a bite or two of jello.  The doctors had her sitting up more, and she got to have her bed wheeled out to see Jaime today, which is something she really wanted to do.  The greatest news of all, however, is that she gets to leave the ICU tomorrow!!!!!  We could not be more happy for her to be able to be transferred to “rehab” sometime tomorrow!  She knows about the blog and has been asking how many visits it has had, so keep them coming, because she loves hearing how many people are cheering for her and her siblings.  She specifically asked me to tell you all “hello” 🙂  I read her some of the comments and she was blown away by the love.

Jaime and Steven are still in critical condition.  Doctors are still testing to determine the full extent of both Jaime and Steven’s injuries.  We will keep you updated.

Jer is hanging in there and we are so deeply, deeply thankful to the families who have taken him in and loved him like their own.  He is right where he wants to be and is in the best hands possible.

Thank you to those of you who have already emailed us ( a picture to hang up in the hospital rooms.  We know that this will be very encouraging to these three!  Keep them coming!  Also, please consider coming to the candlelight vigil on Friday night at 6pm at Blyth Park in Bothell.  If you do plan on attending you might want to bring your own candle.  I think that’s it for now.  I’ll continue to keep you updated as much as possible.  We know that you are with us!

30 thoughts on “Christmas Evening Update

  1. Way to go, Jessie!!!!! Eating ice chips and jello all on the same day! Believe me, I know what a big step this is after all you’ve endured! Getting into a wheelchair today shows your strength, courage and beautiful spirit will not be held down. I’m so enheartened to hear all of these miraculous updates! Sam and I are sending our love, prayers and healing thoughts to you, Jeremy, Jamie and Steven. We will be at the park on Friday, candles at the ready. We’ve got our mantle ablaze at home with prayer candles for you and your family. We prayed Sam’s sister home from a serious very illness over last spring and summer and we will keep it going for our Jessie! Love to you, my friend, and all of your family. Hugs!!!

  2. The Owen family is in our thoughts constantly. There is and has been a specialness about each and every family member. The words “loving” and “grounded” and “sincere” spring to mind whenever I think about this family.

  3. This is great news about Jessie! Way to kick butt!! Praying for Jaime and Steven as they continue with surgeries and for Jer also. You guys are amazing and strong, and surrounded by love and covered with prayers! I know that the Lord will amaze us by what He does through each of you, keep up the fight!

    Much love,

    Kate and the Green family

  4. Jessie, Jaime, Jer, I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with your family especially through sports with Jess, and think the world of your family. No one can understand why tragedies occur to wonderful people and the loss of your parents, of Coach Tim to some of us, is a big upset. I always thought of your dad as a jovial and fun loving man and really appreciated his input to make us better players. Your Mom was there as one of the best cheer moms on the sideline rooting us on. They were always smiling and giving compliments and words if encouragement. I will always remember that about them.
    The Christian family is rooting and praying for all of your recoveries and healing. Don’t hesitate to ask us for anything. We love you like family.
    You are all so so strong and will get through this together.
    Best wishes
    Becka Christian

  5. Hi Jessie,

    We’re all praying for you and your family. I know how strong and determined you are. If anyone can get through this, my money is on you. I’m looking forward to our next grade-level meeting.


  6. The amazing amount of love and support for this family speaks volumes as to the quality of the lives they led and the example they still set. God bless them and their wonderful support network.

  7. Jessie,
    We’ve been thinking of you non-stop and are sending positive thoughts to you and your family. Jeffrey wanted me to tell that he is sad that you are having to go through this but he is relieved to know that you are getting better.
    We hope that all of the support and compassion you are surrounded by will help you heal in all ways. Keep fighting the good fight.
    Take Care,
    Jeffrey, Dawn, Don, and Laura (Jeffrey’s big sis)

  8. The Barnum family is praying for all of you. We are long time friends of Tim. He was Mark’s best man at our wedding in 1983! Love, prayers, and healing thoughts to all of you from Mark and Jeanne.

  9. Wow, way to go Jess! Your determination and fight is going to be an inspiration to your family. You, Jamie, Steven and Jeremy are surrounded by so much love I can feel it from all these messages. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Our thoughts and love go out to you all. Will be at Blythe on Friday.
    All our love Patty Osterhout and family

  10. I worked with Cheryl at Amazon and thought the world of her. She was so full of energy and fun to work with. I loved how she pushed us to think differently. She had a way of guiding discussions with such subtlety. Cheryl would plant a seedling of an idea then stand back and watch while everyone called out ideas to solve the issue we were working on. She would listen to everything and then bring us all back together again. She would say “here’s what I have from everyone”. In a very clear, concise manner Cheryl would outline everyone’s ideas and organize them into this pretty package. When she said “there” it was like she was putting a bow on top!

    I admired Cheryl for her tenacity and her vision. Creating training courses for learners all across the world is not an easy feat; yet Cheryl continually challenged everyone to always do the right thing by our learners even when the right way wasn’t the easy way. For that she earned our respect very quickly. She encouraged the teams to work together and figure it out.

    Cheryl had such a positive impact on those she worked with. She will be deeply missed!

    I did not get a chance to meet Cheryl’s family, however, when she spoke about them you could tell there was a lot of love. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family as they heal both physically and emotionally.

  11. Way to go Jessie! I know that your amazing spirit will carry you through this. Praying constantly for healing for Jaime and Steven and hoping that we will have positive news about them very soon. Sending love to the entire family and everyone who is caring for them. Also sending out special thanks and prayers for Aunt Terry while she continues to do what she’s always done, which is love and care for each and every one of these kids. Tim and Cheryl will be so greatly missed by all, but their unconditional love, strength of character and the special way they had of touching someone’s life and making such a difference will live on through their children. Thank you Bellins family for keeping us in touch with them through this blog. Kathryn Lenhardt~

  12. Way to go Jess! If there is anything I learned in all of our time being grounded together, it’s that you don’t quit until you have won! Kristen and I are keeping you guys in our prayers and we love you all very much. – Trevor Settlage

  13. Great work Jessie! We all know and love your tenacious approach to life. Keep it up. We’ll continue to pray for all of you along with my extended family.
    Melissa, Andrew, and Ember

  14. Way to go Jessie!!!! That is the young lady that I knew while at Bothell High!!! Keeping you in my prayers for you to have a speedy recovery!! Love you! Debbie

  15. Jessie, Jessie, Jessie. You’re a fighter girlfriend and I love that about you. I have no doubts about your recovery, with an awesome attitude like yours! Give a kiss to Jaime & Steven for us when you can. Jeremy too! Love you all! You’ve GOT this honey! Love, Lisa (and Jay & Paxton) Stookey

  16. I worked with Tim for about 5 years and we golfed more than a few times. I met you kids at a barbecue at your home a few years back and know what a wonderful famliy you had. The love and strength your mom and dad have instilled in you will help you get through this. You kids are in our families prayers and we will miss Tim and your mom.
    Jerry Williams and Family

  17. Jessie, you are an amazing woman… beautiful, strong, sweet, and so loving! I am praying for you and your family continuously. And so are others in both Hawaii and California! God will help you through this! Your focused and upbeat attitude is simply amazing. I love you, Jessie!

  18. That is wonderful news! Our family continues to keep the whole Owen family in our thoughts. Haydn says that he will make Ms. Owen a pie when she is feeling better! 😉 All our love to Jessie and her siblings.

  19. Yay! That is super great news about Jessie! She sure is a fighter! We continue to pray for Jamie and her husband. Jamie and I went to grade school all the way up through High School together, and I am so thankful for my friendship with her! She is a fighter, too! May God continue to bring them all healing.
    Cathy Lian (Osborne)

  20. Keep it up Jessie!! We are all praying for your recovery! You are a fighter!
    Love, The Hollands (Matt, Suzanne and Ariel)

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