Lots to share tonight…

Tonight we are ready to share some details with you about the condition of Jessie, Jaime and Steven.
Jessie-  Jess does have a spinal cord injury. At this point in time she has limited movement in both her arms and legs. One of her legs was broken in many places, and the other had quite a bit of muscle damage.
Jaime and Steven both have very similar injuries to one another. Their legs and pelvis’ were both broken in many locations and they both have other injuries to their internal organs.  There is some concern that each of them may have a brain injury of some form, but we won’t know the degree of injury for some time.  Both Jaime and Steven are still on ventilators and feeding tubes.
These three are in very, very serious condition and the road to recovery is going to be long and difficult.  We are thankful that all three have great medical insurance, but there are going to be significant costs beyond what the insurance will cover.  We are still in the process of setting up a memorial fund, but getting it set up has been more challenging than we anticipated.  We hope to have that finalized very soon. Please continue to check this blog regularly.  I am also working out a few details for the vigil that I’m hoping to be able to share tomorrow.So many of you have asked if you can help by making a meal.  We are at a point now where we are ready to accept these generous offers.  Those of us who spend our days (and nights) at the hospital would be very blessed to be able to come home and spend time with our loved ones rather than spend time making dinner.  If you are interested in helping in this way, please contact Karin Costa at karin.costa@frontier.com.  Karin is a dear friend and neighbor of the Owen family, and she is coordinating the receiving of these meals for us.  There are no allergies that you need to be aware of, and meals that could be frozen would be especially helpful.  We sincerely thank you for wanting to help in this way.Our phones, email accounts, and the blog are full to the brim of messages of love and encouragement from not only those who knew and loved the Owen family, but also our own loved ones who are checking in on us.  Please know that we deeply appreciate your love and concern and that we read your messages, but responding to them is nearly impossible given the circumstances and the intensity of the situation we’re in right now.  We will contact you if there is something we need, but otherwise you probably won’t hear back from us.  Thank you, again, for all of the love and prayers you are covering the Owen/Reed/Mayer/Bellin family with right now.  We are so very grateful.

14 thoughts on “Lots to share tonight…

  1. Praying does not stop. Jessie’s attitude does not surprise any of us who know her. So proud of you honey. Sending prayers and love to you all – the 4 Owen kids, Steven, and their families, care givers, doctors & nurses.

  2. Jess’s fighting spirit, Jaime’s quiet resolve, Jeremy’s brotherly love — they are bound by love of friends and extended family. Thank you, Christy, for maintaining this blog and providing the eyes and heart to let the family know how much they are loved. Patty Bourne

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Owen’s gang and company. Stay strong as hard as this is. Jessie, you are on tough lady and I know you will make it through this even if its only from one moment to the next. You always seem to find the positive in every situation. Remember, God will never give you anything you can’t handle. You all are such beautiful people. Lots of love, Megan Virnoche a.k.a. Taylor.

  4. Jessie keep fighting. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Team Super Ninja Robot Monkey is there for you whenever you need us.

  5. As I said in an earlier message, Cheryl worked with our City Training team for 6 yrs in the ’80’s. After we all went to new jobs, we stayed in touch, especially with potlucks. We learned about the kids’ achievements and Cheryl/Tim proudly told us of their lives. So Jessie, Jaime, and Jeremy — your Mom and Dad couldn’t stop talking about you. They gave you the skills you will need to heal and I send you the most energy I can conjure up for your challenges ahead. The Friday of the accident, I was wondering when the Xmas letter would be coming so I could hear some more of the Owen family achievements. You are all in my heart. – CJ

  6. My prayers are now more focused.
    It may be of help for the one coordinating meals to use the website Takethemameal.com
    It sets up a schedule, names allergies, etc. our church uses it a lot. Just a thought if it helps.
    Love to all.

  7. Praying constantly for the family. Thank you so much christy and everyone else at the hosptial who is by their sides through all of this. Thank you so much for the updates. Hang in there Jessie, Jamie, Steven and Jer. Everyone is, praying for you!

  8. We are all praying for you. You are constantly in our thoughts day and night. The Winters’ Family.

  9. Everyone is in my prayers. For the medical bills beyond what private insurance covers, I’d strongly suggest applying for Medicaid to cover those additional costs. That way any memorial funds could go to other necessary expenses, such as any home or vehicle modifications. For tips from an “insider”, feel free to email me.

  10. Thank you for the very much appreciated continuous updates. Please know that we are sending very specific healing thoughts and prayers for all of you. We have joined the food brigade and will help in any other way suggested. Love to Jessie and her family!

  11. I think about you all daily and keep hoping for the best. Stay strong Jessie!! The Holloway’s are here to support in any way we can.

  12. Hi, I’m Donna, I was Tim’s secretary and miss his sunny personality. He talked about his kids often and their pictures are in his office. I met Jeremy once when he came into the office. Prayers are being said for the girls and Jaime’s husband.

  13. Hi all,

    I’m DJ (pastor at Bothell United Methodist Church). You are all welcome to park across the street at our church during the candlelight vigil tomorrow night at Bothell HS. I’ll be coming as well. Our church is in continual prayer for the Owen’s family, friends, caregivers and all involved. If there is anything we can do to support, please let us know pastordj@bothellumc.org.

    Grace and Peace,

    Pastor DJ

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