Vigil Location Changed…

Thanks to Jessie’s friends in the Northshore School District, we have a new location for the vigil tomorrow evening that will work much better than Blyth Park.  The vigil will now be held in the Bothell High School parking lot, same time-6pm.  Please share this change of venues with anyone you know who was planning on coming. Thank you, dear friends.  We know that you are on this journey with us and we are not alone.

8 thoughts on “Vigil Location Changed…

  1. We are long-time friends of the Owen family and have been blessed to know them since 1966; I apologize for the lateness of my response. We are so grateful to the beautiful person/people who are keeping this blog up and running to keep us informed. It was with great, great sadness to learn of the terrible accident that took the lives of our young friends Tim and Cheryl and severely injuried 3 of their children, but we are thankful that Jeremy came out physically strong. We are praying for all of them, for survival and healing, and for emotional healing for Jeremy who has the knowledge of the loss of his parents and the physical needs of his siblings. My heart is heavy for them, and I am praying for our dear Lord’s providential intervention in all their lives. My heart goes out to my dear Katy and her children Anne and Patrick and their children at this time of loss and searing pain. Our children: Lauri, Michelle, Brian and Brent share our love and concern for the Owen family. With our deep love, prayers and affection, Sharon and Leo Pakkala

  2. Jessie, Jaime (+ Steven) and Jeremy –
    Although I don’t know you personally, I feel like I know each of you and your spirit through the stories and photos your mother so proudly often shared. I had the honor of working with her at Microsoft, we both started the same year to be part of the Zune Team. Your mother is someone who I have always looked up to, both personally and professionally, and in my book is all around remarkable. I am glad that the last time I saw her I made a point of telling her that! I will never forget her laugh and her smile. I know each of you possess the same strength, perseverance and heart as your parents. My ongoing thoughts and prayers go out to each of you, I know you are all fighters, and are surrounded with much love and support to allow you to conquer the battles ahead.
    Warmest Regards,
    Tammy Widmyer

  3. I’m so bummed to be out of town and won’t be able to attend the vigil. I would have loved to have been a part of it. I will join you in praying at 6pm tomorrow; know that I’ll be there in spirit.
    If at all possible, it would be lovely to see photos of the vigil, maybe posted here on the blog, for those who aren’t local or can’t attend.
    Thank you for taking the time to post on the blog and keep us informed. Xoxo

  4. Jaime, I know you are a fighter! You were a wonderful part of my childhood and I think back on our times galloping around like wild horses on the playground so fondly. (Everyone thought we were nuts.)

    I still have all my Breyer horses too.

    Praying for you daily!

  5. GREAT news for Jaime! That is terrific! For the vigil tomorrow at BHS it must be the West parking lot by the office where teachers park when they take their district classes at BHS. There is a basketball camp and a game tomorrow night so the parking lot by the gym will be packed. In support of you, Jessie, I just have to say “Go Cougs!”. (Can’t believe I just said that, but I can’t stop thinking about you Jess.) Keep up your amazing strength. Love you all

  6. I did not know this family, however my dad did and had nothing but wonderful things to say about them. My family and I will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers!!!

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