2pm Update…

The big news of the day is that Jessie is being moved to rehab right now as I am typing this!  We are so happy that she is able to move out of the ICU.  As you all know, and many have mentioned, if anyone can fight a battle and win it, it’s Jess.  We pray that she will walk again one day, and believe that God is the ultimate healer and is capable of anything.

Jaime’s doctors want to allow her to rest and recover a bit today.  We are very happy with her progress.  Steven is in surgery right now.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the vigil tonight (Friday) in the west end of the Bothell High School parking lot, at 6pm. Please try to carpool if you plan on coming.  We will be accepting cards, pictures, and money to help with the kids’ recovery – and we would also love it if you could make sure to sign each of their banners and books that we will be taking to them after the vigil.   Thank you again for your faithfulness throughout this journey.  God is at work here.  We’ll see you tonight!


17 thoughts on “2pm Update…

  1. Tonight, We will be with you in spirit from Colorado. Prayers and greetings to Jessie, Jaimie, Stephen and Jeremy. Each of you have such beautifully resilient spirits which we pray will be with you throughout this struggle. We send our love to each of you.
    Ann & John Peery

  2. We, too, thank God for the progress that each one is making. As you tell of the determination of Jessie and her being independent she reminds me so much of her Grandma, my dear friend Katy Owen. It is exciting and a blessing to see these family traits appear in her. Dear little Jaime and her husband Steven; I am continuing to pray for them — and all the Owen kids. My friends at Highland Covenant Church in Bellevue are also praying for this family so beloved by the Pakkalas! Lovingly, Sharon Pakkala

  3. Christy, thank you for all of your updates. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. The family is constantly in my thoughts & prayers. I am not able to attend the vigil because we are on our way to Spokane. I’ll be there in spirit. Helen Ziemkowski

  4. As the shock of this terrible tragedy begins to wear off, we are left with the gratefulness that at least Jessie, Jaime, Mark and Jeremy were somewhat spared. John and I send all our thoughts and prayers to you to begin the healing of minds and bodies. Our circle of friends are also sending out their prayers. As alone as you may feel, there is a whole community of love and caring out there supporting you. We will miss Tim and Cheryl terribly but know that their greatest accomplishment will live on: their children and son-in-law. We will be at the vigil tonight with the spirit of Wildfire Farm. Lynn and John Burch

  5. My mom and I were first on the scene and stayed with the Owens until the ambulance showed up. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and everyone touched by this. Thank you for sharing these updates, we have been wondering how they are doing!

  6. Jeremy, Jaime, Stephen, and Jessie, even though I can’t be there tonight, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. The whole time I’ve been in Bangladesh and Nepal I have been thinking of yo and wishing I could be there with you. At a temple yesterday in Katmandu, I prayed for you on the spinning prayer wheels, and I have a Budda for each of you to watch over you as you recover. I love you four VERY MUCH. I’ll see you on December 31 or January 1. Betsy Seidel

  7. Thank you for everything you and your family are doing to support the Owens. I wish I could be there to offer my love. I am thinking of the Owens as I travel back to Spokane tonight. I love the Owens and will continue to pray for their strength and protection during this difficult time. Xo, Molly (Kotzerke) Dahlgren

  8. I am glad to hear the children are continuing to move towards recovery but mainly tonight I wanted to pass a message on to Christy Jennings that she did a wonderful job of speaking on behalf of the Owens/Mayer family tonight. And how true were her words that this vigil was from the community. Besides seeing many members of the community setting up, I wanted to mention that there are so many people even outside our immediate community praying for the kids and for those who are caring for them. When I volunteered to gather some candles for the vigil, churches BOTH inside and outside Bothell responded to my plea. in our area, Canyon Hills and Evergreen came forth, in Mill Creek, North Creek Presbyterian and in Lynnwood, Alderwood Community Church, all without a moments hesitation wanted to support the vigil you organized in support of the Owens. So many people are following this blog and thanking you for your dedication to Tim and Cheryl’s children!

  9. I loved the vigil Tonight. It was lovely. God bless this family through such a hard time. We are all here for you and so is god. Their parents are looking over them right now thinking how wonderful their children are and knowing they will make it through. They know Jessie, Jamie, Jeremy and Steven are strong individuals and can face anything god pita in their way. Jeremy was so strong at the vigil tonight but I knew he was hurting. God bless him and his sisters and brother in law. Thank you Cheryl and Tim for creating such wonderful children. Thank you Tim and Cheryl you were amazing parents to these children as you touched so many people. I only met you once, when you drove my family and Jeremy to the airport to go to Mexico but from the stories I’ve heard you were amazing people and I’m sorry you had to leave this wonderful life so early but I guess god had a plan for you two. We love you. And to the kids… You will make it through, you have such a big community behind you. We love you all and we are praying for you.

  10. Tonight was beautiful! Jeremy, you were such an amazing son and brother tonight. You made your family proud! My prayers are with you and your family.

  11. My family’s hearts are filled with prayer and well wishes for your family. Words will never e able to express my deepest sympathy as you all recover from this. Your paths are still long and you love, strength, endurance and never ending support from around the world will help you! Please rest up and take care of yourselves! That goes to all of you who are there at the hospital around the clock. Take care, God bless. Love The Knight Family

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    • So glad that Jessie is continuing to do well. I had a good visit with her Grandma Katy who would love to have more time with her and the rest of her grandchildren. I will be going up to see her next week to take her to lunch and to visit. I got a brief glimpse of an ad tonight for another Tracy Vedder time with the Owen kids. There was a glimpse of Jessie working on her rehab! Yes, she is a determined girl. The program is going to be 11 p.m. news on ABC, but I am not sure exactly what evening. Thanks for keep us up todate.

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