A Good Day!

Today was a very, very good day.  Jaime blew everyone away today.   We are so happy with her progress. Jessie sat up more today than she has so far and even capped the day off by getting into a wheelchair for the first time and being wheeled down to see Jaime.  This was one of those moments that those of us who were there will never forget.  Jess and Jaime talked to one another, and Jaime held Jess’s hand.  It was beautiful and perfect; a moment we have been waiting to see.  Soooo much to be grateful for today! Steven is stable and didn’t have many changes today.  Jeremy is amazing.  That’s about the only way to describe his strength right now.  He visited his sisters today and they were both very glad to see him.

A few details tonight about the Candlelight Vigil tomorrow night at Bothell High at 6pm…  First of all, we’ll be meeting at the west end of the building, towards the main office.  There will be some basketball teams using the gym, so please try to allow them some space to park in that side of the lot.  We have received permission from Bothell First Methodist church (adjacent to BHS) to use their parking lot, so feel free to park there.  There is also an upper parking lot next to the baseball field that we have been given permission to use.  We are getting the impression that there could be a large number of people attending, so please try to carpool and be respectful of the neighbors.  I will hopefully have some more good news to share tomorrow evening, and Deacon Paul, a family friend of the Owens, will facilitate a time of prayer and the candle-lighting.  There will be posters for each of the kids there for you to sign and write your well-wishes on, as well as a place where we will be collecting cards and/or pictures to help decorate Jessie, Jaime and Steven’s hospital rooms.  If you would like to donate to the Memorial Fund, you will also be able to do so at that time.  We will be taking video and pictures of the vigil and are hoping that some (or all!) of the kids will even be able to watch it live from their rooms at Harborview.  They know that it is happening and are so incredibly grateful for the support that this community has poured out on them.  Jess has even asked if someone can start helping her write thank you cards…leave it to these sweet Owen kids to be thinking of everyone else at a time like this.  We look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow night and hope that you know how much we appreciate all of your support.  We are currently at 60,000 views!  60,000!  This family is so loved. Thank you for surrounding them (and all of us) during this challenging time.  We look forward to sharing many more “good day” posts with you in the future!

20 thoughts on “A Good Day!

  1. Wow – I am so happy to hear about each step of progress. It not only brings great hope, but a deep appreciation for their tenacious spirit.

  2. I am so excited by this post!!! This Cruze Family is believing God for HUGE things for the Owen kids!!! We love you without knowing you well. You occupy our thoughts. I was telling my sweet children tonight how they would have a babysitter tomorrow so Grady an I can go and pray. I kinda explained what happened and that we want to go and be with a bunch of other people to pray and believe God for healing. They loved that we were going to do that. I am excited to be able to join in person with a ton of people and pray in agreeance for healing for Jessie, Jamie, Steven and Jeremy. I feel honored to pray for such amazing kids!!!!

  3. Wow! So many wonderful things! We’ve been praying day and night for these kids. They have made huge strides and I am hopeful that they will continue. Many blessings to all of you!

  4. Am so very, very thankful for this positive and hopeful update. I know that God is in the midst of this time for these amazing Owen kids!!! God bless you all. Leo and I are planning to attend Friday evening. God bless all who are making this possible. We thank God and ask Him to watch over and heal each one of the children of those two parents whom we loved dearly! Love to all.

  5. Praise the Lord for this update! Happy tears this time for Jaime and Jess! Thank you so much for sharing with us these precious moments and great triumphs!!
    ”From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.” John 1:16. Grace upon grace and great and great mercy!

    Way to go girls! So happy that you and Jer could visit today and cheer Steven on too!

    I will continue to pray for you all and look forward to doing so with everyone at the vigil tonight.

    Much love from all the Greens, and my whole church family is praying with you too


  6. On behalf of all the members and staff here at Inglewood Golf Club, our energy and thoughts are on the kids recovery. Please let us know how we can help during the recovery process. Tim and Cheryl will be missed here at the Club–Karen Peterson, Clubhouse Manager Inglewood Golf Club

  7. Jess, Jamie, Steven and Jeremy:
    It was so wonderful to wake up this morning and read this web page. Our family and so many others refer to this site several times a day to check up on you. Prayers being said by people you have known for many years and others you have never met. God is watching over you and your caregivers, who are amazing, but then again, so are the Owens and Mayer families!
    We love you, Bonnie & Scott Pierson

  8. Jamie: You are so strong! I smiled reading about all of your progress. You are so loved, and we are all praying for you!

  9. This is so wonderful to hear! Thank you again for keeping us all posted! Jessie amazes me with her spirit. Am so happy that she was able to visit her sister. What a great dose of medicine for both of them!
    Zane sends a special hug to you, Jessie-Bear!!

  10. Jessie- You are amazing. I can’t wait to hear more amazing news.

    Jamie- All of your classmates are thinking of you and have been keeping updated with your progress.

    I am so proud of the fight you gals have in you. Keep fighting!

  11. Reggie and Rachael Davis and Sean Bailey and the family’s would like to bring a meal is there someone that can call me to coordinate this Stephanie Davis 206-271-3406

  12. My prayers are with family and friends. I’m glad to hear there are rays of sunshine each day. May the Lord continue to hold you in the palm of His hand.

  13. As cousins of Michael Feldman and Ann Owen, our thoughts and hearts are with those amazing kids. The baby steps today will pay big dividends later

  14. You might want to correct your time stamp on this blog…shows the last post shows that it was 12/28 and it says Tomorrow Nights Vigil….but you actually posted that on 12/27, (but the time stamp says 12/28), so someone might think that the vigil is TOMORROW night,, when it is tonight.

    Will be there tonight….praying for this whole family!

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