5pm Update…

Good news today!  When I walked into Jaime’s room this morning she was sitting up, eating a bowl of soup!  You have no idea how truly AMAZING this is.  She is talkative and glad to have her loved ones around, and seeing her doing so well is such a relief to all of us.  We have so much hope! She was looking forward to getting to go on a “field trip” to visit Steven for the first time, as well as Jessie in her new room on the rehab floor.  She is going to be moved out of ICU and we are thrilled with that.

Steven is still in the ICU and unfortunately his condition is pretty much the same.  Please pray for Steven!

Jessie started rehab today! She is able to receive balloons, flowers and gifts now that she is out of the ICU- but she’ll be there for a while, so if you are thinking about sending her something you don’t necessarily need to do it right away.  Neither Jessie, Jaime or Steven are receiving visitors. We’ll be sure to let you know if/when this changes.

One of the things Jessie has asked for us to get her to put on her wall is a poster of Kenny Chesney 🙂  We have sent Kenny a message through Facebook, sharing Jess’s story with him, and we are hoping that he’ll sign one for her and send it to her.  If you have a minute, it would be AWESOME if you could also send Kenny a message (go to his Facebook page and send him a private message) telling him how amazing Jessie is and how much you’d appreciate it if he’d send her something personal.  Wouldn’t it be cool if he actually did it?  We’ll let you know!

Thank you so, so, sooooo much to all of you wonderful friends who have made us meals.  Our refrigerators are filling up and we are so grateful!  Please continue to spread the word about this family, and especially about the relief fund.  We are so appreciative of the prayers, well-wishes, cards, photos, meals, donations and LOVE that you are pouring out on this family.  God Bless each of you!


19 thoughts on “5pm Update…

  1. Sending love and prayers to all. Please let Jessie know that her former student Yamina Murai and her entire family lover her very much and and praying daily for her. She was Yaminas all time favorite teacher and she is taking this pretty hard.

  2. Chrissy, you have been such a wonderfully descriptive author of this Blog. I am most appreciative of your accounts and can visualize Jaimie in the chair with her soup and smile. Jeremy is being strong and brave tho I do send him many courageous vibes for his unique position now. Surely Steven felt Jaimie’s love and spirit next to him during her visit. And, dear Jessie, tho the road looks terribly steep, it will become less steep as you work it daily. Many prayer and positives to you!!! Keep up you feisty spirit and allow your feelings too. I send you any extra strength you need! Ann Peery

  3. Jamie eating soup! That is good news. Go Jamie! Go Jessie! Go Steven! And…GO Jeremy, Terri, and all the rest of the family! You are amazing and well-loved. I was sorry to have missed the candlelight vigil at the high school last night. Planned to go with Kate and Neal, but two of my special needs children(aka horses with special shoeing needs, and a client’s special needs boy needed their farrier, who came at 6 p.m.. Our hearts were there, though! As soon as I can find them I will send pictures. Tiny Jamie on Crisco, tiny Jamie on T.C., tiny Jamie on Dexter, and on and on….
    We spend our days with you on our hearts to God. There are alternating tears and laughter. Our hearts are knit with yours. We are at times overwhelmed with sadness and other times at peace that Tim and Cheryl are in Paradise with Father and those still with us will overcome mighty challenges and triumph. ALL things are possible with God. I believe this with all my heart and I love you all with all my heart. When you are ready to visit and you think it is a good time, we will be there.

  4. of course jaime is eating soup! top ramen is nearly all we ate growing up. i was so sorry to miss the vigil, but this is such great news! love to you all.

  5. Amazing news!!! Keep up the good work and strength Jess, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy! We are all here behind you, cheering, like crazy! I messaged Kenny about the poster! It would be amazing if he did it! We love you all so much and the vigil was awesome last night. Much love, peace and prayers. Court

  6. Oh my goodness. This is the best news to hear. Go Jaime!! I’m going to message Kenny also and see if we can quicken the demand. Haha that made me laugh, the request of Jessie. Thanks for the update and we will continue the prayers. God speed everyone’s recovery

  7. Such good news that Jaime is talking and eating. I know Steven will be soon – prayers are being said day and night.

    Miss Jessie – Please know how loved you are by everyone in the Frank Love community. We are all constantly thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way. I know there is a lot of hard work ahead, but we are here for you whenever you need us. We love you!

  8. Thank you so much for this hopeful news about the Owen kids! God is certainly a part of what is going on in their healing process. We are continuing to pray for these very brave young people! I do hope the Kenny Chesney will respond to your message, and I will go there and leave one for him too. It was a blessing to be a part of the vigil last night, and we found it to be a very, very special and moving time to be part of the group gathered who love these kids. Jeremy was very brave to stand up and speak and to promise to take care of his sisters. We were thankful to see Grandma Katy there with her daughter Anne and husband, and son Patrick as well as Terry Reed — haven’t seen her for years. I also enjoyed meeting Steven’s dad. God bless you all who are making life easier for all concerned. Love, Sharon and Leo Pakkala

  9. Our love and prayers are with all of you and God bless the people that are keeping us up on your conditions. Rich and Mary Westendorf

  10. I posted on Kenny’s page and messaged my email to him. Where should he send the poster? Go Jessie! I’m a teacher at Woodmoor and friends with people that you teach with….we love you and are praying and thinking about you every day! Every minute. Keep fighting. Hugs and hearts to you.

  11. I can’t help but read these updates with tears in my eyes. But there are finally tears of happiness and faith instead of woe and pity. As I was walking back to my car after the vigil, I spoke with Cheryl & Tim. I’m not a religious man, but buzz off cuz they walked me back to my car with me. I parked in the church parking lot to give space. I had peaceful shivers the whole way back to the church in my new amazingly warm Northface. #newbeliever

      • Jolene, bless you. Yes, yes, “Our God is great!…..Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour…Lord of our Lives!” And, He is in complete charge of these loved ones who are rallying at Harborview. The Pakkala family continues to pray for all of them in every way, and I pray for my beloved friend Katy, her son Patrick and daughter Anne as they deal with the loss of Tim and Cheryl in their lives as I pray for their 3 children and son-in-law Steven! I pray for God’s peace and comfort for each one of them,.

  12. Yeah Jamie! Sending strength to you Jessie as you go through rehab…I am cheering for you. Prayers and good thoughts to everyone.

  13. Even though we live one street up, the entire Kohler family is thinking of you all and sending good wishes your way.

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