4pm Update…

The big news of the day is that Jessie passed her swallow test today and is able to begin eating “real” food again!!! She ate some macaroni and cheese and drank some Cherry Coke, and is currently awaiting a much anticipated delivery of sliders and a milkshake from Red Robin 🙂  This is a very huge mental victory for Jess. Jaime has been in surgery for several hours to repair her ankle and Steven is still in the ICU. He was able to sit up briefly and everyone was pleased with that progress. 

We are so very blessed by every tiny step of progress that is made by each of these kids and overall today has been a really good day. However, we also don’t want our focus on and celebration of the victories to diminish the fact that Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy are still in the midst of the most challenging situation any of us can imagine. Their days are often long, hard, and frustrating.  They need every bit of encouragement and love that we can give them and they have a long fight ahead.  

15 thoughts on “4pm Update…

  1. So glad to hear of everyone’s progress. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is for all of you, but I know God will find a way to use all of this suffering for good. In the meantime, tell Jess we (all 600 teachers, 35 plus administers, as well as countless others) will be sending up powerful strength and hope to her when we gather on January 2nd. She will be an honored presence among us. Kathleen Poole

  2. Happy New Year Christy and thank you very much for your dedication in updating this blog and providing all the information. Your service to the families and all the loved ones sets a great example for the rest of us as we finish up 2012. Please accept a well earned pat on the back. Also excited to hear some good news about Steven and the continued progress of the girls. We will keep sending our good energy for all.

  3. So excited by Jess’ news and we are rejoicing with her!!! I pray everyday that people will not forget to continue to support them. This will be a long journey and months from now they will still need people rallied around them and praying for them. Sending our love and still praying strong!!!

  4. Send everyone my love. I am praying every chance I find. Love seeing all the progress. Thanks so much Christy. Happy New Year guys! New year new beginnings. Trying to raise as much money as I can to help support the Owens. To Jeremy specifically…you are such a strong young man. If there’s anything I can do, even if it’s just going to get coffee or hangout or WHATEVER just know that I am here for you. Please don’t hesitate to email me. I love you guys.

  5. I think about and pray for you guys every day. Always you are on my mind and heart. Today I went looking for pictures a found quite a few. I’ll send them soon. Jeremy—we have the most beautiful farm now in Granite Falls. It is such a peaceful, healing place; a sanctuary. We have a spare bedroom in the part of the house that is an 1879 built log cabin. Come stay as long as you want and when ever you want, to just be still and know that God is God. Jamie and Jessie, hopefuly the doctors will say horseback riding is the perfect therapy for both of you, and I have the perfect horses for that. Is that thinking forward and positively or what?!? (Jeremy can ride too of course!)
    We want you to know we are here for you in whatever way we can help. Wish we were wealthy and could just wipe out your medical bills! Wish we were wizards and could turn back time. Wish we could lay hands on all of you and you would instantly be healed. What we CAN do is rejoice in God’s love and care for you and thank Him for all the good things coming your way. Will do!

  6. Yay for Jessie! Hope she enjoyed her sliders and shake! I’m praying Jaime’s surgery went well, and praying for good news for Steven. Thanks, as always, for the updates. Xoxo

  7. I never knew anything of this family before the horrible accident. I have been following the blog. I am so impressed by the people writing the blog. Not sure if they are family or friends, but you have been doing an incredible job!! As for the kids… I just want them to know I am praying for all of them. The courage it must take to keep going and push everyday, inspires me. I will continue praying for each of you and watch your continued improvement! You are all an inspiration!

  8. Thank you once again for the incredibly motivating updates. Your ability to stay focused on the positive is no less than amazing. Thanks.
    Lonnie Luserdo (friend and one of Cheryl’s former teammates from City of Seattle)

  9. Hi to Jamie, I hope you remember me, Sue Hagan, you rode horses with my daughter Kate, her horse was Domino. I have so many wonderful memories of you on Miss Marbles, and Kate riding Domino. I just want you to know, you and your beautiful family are in my prayers every single day. I”m praying for healing, strength, and more support than you could ever imagine. There are so many folks that love and care about you, Jessie, Steven and Jeremy. I’ll continue to be in touch as I’d love to help in any way I’m needed. You are truly amazing Jamie!!

  10. Wishing that each day gives these kids more strength and hope and less pain. I was a colleague of Cheryl’s at Amazon, she was a role model for many people, including me. Her kids are an inspiration.

  11. Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date with all that is happening. Especially those of us that are some distance away and have only this blog for information. You are doing a great job.
    I am a friend of Steve. I met Jamie briefly twice and met the rest of the Owens at Steve and Jamie’s wedding. My heart goes out to all of them.

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