Thank you.


Wow. We are filled with hope and love tonight. Thank you, dear friends. The vigil tonight was perfect in every way. Hundreds of people came together out of love and respect for this amazing family that has impacted so many lives. Thank you for coming, for praying, for encouraging us, hugging us, bringing cards and generous donations, and standing up in unison to say that you are walking this road with us. On behalf of the Owen/Mayer family, please know how deeply appreciative we are of YOU.

Those of you who were there tonight can personally attest to the amazing strength Jeremy is displaying right now. He is making his parents so proud. Jess was able to listen in to the vigil from her new room on the rehab floor at Harborview.  We look forward to bringing the signed banners, books and cards to all three of them tomorrow.

If you were not able to make it to the vigil tonight and would like to help contribute towards the medical expenses these kids are accumulating, we have a fund established and would be so grateful for your help in any way.  You can make checks payable to the Owen Mayer Family Relief Fund and mail them to:

Owen Mayer Family Relief Fund

2020 Maltby Road, Ste 7, PMB 298

Bothell, WA 98021

You might have seen the vigil featured on one of the local news channels this evening.  They were all present and are providing their viewers with the relief fund information, so we are very hopeful that this will give us a good start to helping cover some of the medical bills that are quickly accumulating.  We will undoubtedly need to do more fundraising as time moves forward, and I will make sure to let you know if there is any other way you can help.  I’ll post a few photos from the vigil here tonight.  The strength of community and the power of God together in one place…such a beautiful thing.  Much love to each of you from the Owen/Mayer family….


2pm Update…

The big news of the day is that Jessie is being moved to rehab right now as I am typing this!  We are so happy that she is able to move out of the ICU.  As you all know, and many have mentioned, if anyone can fight a battle and win it, it’s Jess.  We pray that she will walk again one day, and believe that God is the ultimate healer and is capable of anything.

Jaime’s doctors want to allow her to rest and recover a bit today.  We are very happy with her progress.  Steven is in surgery right now.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the vigil tonight (Friday) in the west end of the Bothell High School parking lot, at 6pm. Please try to carpool if you plan on coming.  We will be accepting cards, pictures, and money to help with the kids’ recovery – and we would also love it if you could make sure to sign each of their banners and books that we will be taking to them after the vigil.   Thank you again for your faithfulness throughout this journey.  God is at work here.  We’ll see you tonight!

A Good Day!

Today was a very, very good day.  Jaime blew everyone away today.   We are so happy with her progress. Jessie sat up more today than she has so far and even capped the day off by getting into a wheelchair for the first time and being wheeled down to see Jaime.  This was one of those moments that those of us who were there will never forget.  Jess and Jaime talked to one another, and Jaime held Jess’s hand.  It was beautiful and perfect; a moment we have been waiting to see.  Soooo much to be grateful for today! Steven is stable and didn’t have many changes today.  Jeremy is amazing.  That’s about the only way to describe his strength right now.  He visited his sisters today and they were both very glad to see him.

A few details tonight about the Candlelight Vigil tomorrow night at Bothell High at 6pm…  First of all, we’ll be meeting at the west end of the building, towards the main office.  There will be some basketball teams using the gym, so please try to allow them some space to park in that side of the lot.  We have received permission from Bothell First Methodist church (adjacent to BHS) to use their parking lot, so feel free to park there.  There is also an upper parking lot next to the baseball field that we have been given permission to use.  We are getting the impression that there could be a large number of people attending, so please try to carpool and be respectful of the neighbors.  I will hopefully have some more good news to share tomorrow evening, and Deacon Paul, a family friend of the Owens, will facilitate a time of prayer and the candle-lighting.  There will be posters for each of the kids there for you to sign and write your well-wishes on, as well as a place where we will be collecting cards and/or pictures to help decorate Jessie, Jaime and Steven’s hospital rooms.  If you would like to donate to the Memorial Fund, you will also be able to do so at that time.  We will be taking video and pictures of the vigil and are hoping that some (or all!) of the kids will even be able to watch it live from their rooms at Harborview.  They know that it is happening and are so incredibly grateful for the support that this community has poured out on them.  Jess has even asked if someone can start helping her write thank you cards…leave it to these sweet Owen kids to be thinking of everyone else at a time like this.  We look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow night and hope that you know how much we appreciate all of your support.  We are currently at 60,000 views!  60,000!  This family is so loved. Thank you for surrounding them (and all of us) during this challenging time.  We look forward to sharing many more “good day” posts with you in the future!

Vigil Location Changed…

Thanks to Jessie’s friends in the Northshore School District, we have a new location for the vigil tomorrow evening that will work much better than Blyth Park.  The vigil will now be held in the Bothell High School parking lot, same time-6pm.  Please share this change of venues with anyone you know who was planning on coming. Thank you, dear friends.  We know that you are on this journey with us and we are not alone.

Lots to share tonight…

Tonight we are ready to share some details with you about the condition of Jessie, Jaime and Steven.
Jessie-  Jess does have a spinal cord injury. At this point in time she has limited movement in both her arms and legs. One of her legs was broken in many places, and the other had quite a bit of muscle damage.
Jaime and Steven both have very similar injuries to one another. Their legs and pelvis’ were both broken in many locations and they both have other injuries to their internal organs.  There is some concern that each of them may have a brain injury of some form, but we won’t know the degree of injury for some time.  Both Jaime and Steven are still on ventilators and feeding tubes.
These three are in very, very serious condition and the road to recovery is going to be long and difficult.  We are thankful that all three have great medical insurance, but there are going to be significant costs beyond what the insurance will cover.  We are still in the process of setting up a memorial fund, but getting it set up has been more challenging than we anticipated.  We hope to have that finalized very soon. Please continue to check this blog regularly.  I am also working out a few details for the vigil that I’m hoping to be able to share tomorrow.So many of you have asked if you can help by making a meal.  We are at a point now where we are ready to accept these generous offers.  Those of us who spend our days (and nights) at the hospital would be very blessed to be able to come home and spend time with our loved ones rather than spend time making dinner.  If you are interested in helping in this way, please contact Karin Costa at  Karin is a dear friend and neighbor of the Owen family, and she is coordinating the receiving of these meals for us.  There are no allergies that you need to be aware of, and meals that could be frozen would be especially helpful.  We sincerely thank you for wanting to help in this way.Our phones, email accounts, and the blog are full to the brim of messages of love and encouragement from not only those who knew and loved the Owen family, but also our own loved ones who are checking in on us.  Please know that we deeply appreciate your love and concern and that we read your messages, but responding to them is nearly impossible given the circumstances and the intensity of the situation we’re in right now.  We will contact you if there is something we need, but otherwise you probably won’t hear back from us.  Thank you, again, for all of the love and prayers you are covering the Owen/Reed/Mayer/Bellin family with right now.  We are so very grateful.

3pm Update


Updating from my phone in Jessie’s room, so it’s going to be a quick one. Jess is sitting up right now. She hasn’t been able to sleep any longer than 15 or 20 mins at a time since this happened, so the doctors are trying to get her comfortable enough for her to be able to get some rest. She has a feeding tube now too, so that should help her feel better. The plan is now to move her to rehab in the next 1-2 days.

Jaime is in surgery now and Steven will not go to surgery today. He has developed a bit of pneumonia, so they want to get better before he goes into surgery again.

Several of you have asked about funeral plans for Tim and Cheryl and at this time we are solely focused on taking care of their kids, so we will not be making funeral plans anytime soon.  We would also really like for all four kids to be able to be there, so it could be quite a while.

Steven’s family, Aunt Terry and my mom Kathy are currently in a meeting with the entire team of doctors serving all 3 kids, so hopefully I’ll have something else to share with you later tonight.  Thank you for everything you are doing from home.

Christmas Evening Update

More great news regarding Jessie’s progress!  Her voice was much stronger today and she is approaching this with a great sense of humor and a ton of focus and determination.  When I saw her this morning she was super proud of a major accomplishment…she got to eat an ice chip 🙂  Later in the day she was even able to swallow a bite or two of jello.  The doctors had her sitting up more, and she got to have her bed wheeled out to see Jaime today, which is something she really wanted to do.  The greatest news of all, however, is that she gets to leave the ICU tomorrow!!!!!  We could not be more happy for her to be able to be transferred to “rehab” sometime tomorrow!  She knows about the blog and has been asking how many visits it has had, so keep them coming, because she loves hearing how many people are cheering for her and her siblings.  She specifically asked me to tell you all “hello” 🙂  I read her some of the comments and she was blown away by the love.

Jaime and Steven are still in critical condition.  Doctors are still testing to determine the full extent of both Jaime and Steven’s injuries.  We will keep you updated.

Jer is hanging in there and we are so deeply, deeply thankful to the families who have taken him in and loved him like their own.  He is right where he wants to be and is in the best hands possible.

Thank you to those of you who have already emailed us ( a picture to hang up in the hospital rooms.  We know that this will be very encouraging to these three!  Keep them coming!  Also, please consider coming to the candlelight vigil on Friday night at 6pm at Blyth Park in Bothell.  If you do plan on attending you might want to bring your own candle.  I think that’s it for now.  I’ll continue to keep you updated as much as possible.  We know that you are with us!