9am Update…

So, I told you Jessie rocked her interview, right?¬† ūüôā¬† We are so incredibly proud of the strength and poise that Jessie was able to share with the world last night.¬† If you didn’t get a chance to see the interview, please check it out using this link below:


We would also love for anyone who might have witnessed the accident, or have information pertaining to the accident to please contact our family representative, Karen Koehler. You can email her at karenk@stritmatter.com. 

Yesterday was a big day on many fronts.¬† Steven was officially cleared to eat “real” food again!¬† His first normal meal in nearly six weeks was Clucks and Fries from Red Robin (thanks again to all of you who have sent gift cards!).¬† Below you can see a picture of what his food looked like for the past six weeks ūüôā


Yesterday Jaime made a big physical therapy achievement.  She was able to sit on the edge of her bed with only one person helping her.  When she first started sitting up on the bed a few weeks ago she needed three people to stabilize her, so the fact that she has regained so much strength and her pain is lessened enough to allow her to do this almost on her own is a huge accomplishment! 

In addition to the interview with King 5 yesterday afternoon, Jessie ordered her own wheelchair.  Those of you who know her well will not be surprised that she customized it to be pink!  She is very clear that this wheelchair will be used temporarily, and then will be donated when she is able to walk again. 

I have a couple of pictures of Jaime and Steven for you this morning.  As you can see, their bodies are covered in casts and braces.  Between the two of them, they have one out of eight limbs that was uninjured. 



Thank you for continuing to lift this family up in prayer, send them your words of encouragement and love, and share your memories of their beloved parents.¬† They have started reading through the messages some of you have left on the “Messages About Tim and Cheryl” tab above, and they are deeply moved by your heartfelt appreciation of the amazing lives that Tim and Cheryl led.¬† Your support of this family helps give them the strength they need to heal.¬† We are all blessed by you!¬†


Big Day Tomorrow!

Just a quick picture tonight and one important piece of information to share with all of you….tomorrow afternoon King 5 will be interviewing Jessie at Harborview, and they are planning to air a story about the family tomorrow evening. Our hope is that this will provide an update for the public about the Owen family, and that it will also remind everyone that there is a long road ahead and we can still use their support.¬† I will try to update the blog after Jessie’s interview tomorrow, when we have a better idea about the exact time that the piece will air. Thank you to our loyal friends and family for your ongoing love and support.¬† We are so grateful for you!¬†

Tonight’s picture is of Jessie with some of her adaptive technology.¬† She uses a “sip and puff” system to call nurses when she needs them, and uses the same type of system to operate her computer.



Pictures of Jessie, Jaime, and Steven…and Monday’s Update!

Today Jaime’s wonderful dentist, Dr. Pam Sursely from Totem Lake Smiles, made a personal visit to Jaime’s room in Northgate to help repair some teeth that were damaged in the accident.¬† Such a generous, caring thing to do!¬† Jaime also sat in her wheelchair today for the longest time yet…4 hours!¬† Perhaps the most important aspect of her four hours in the wheelchair is that she was able to do it without any pillows supporting her broken leg.¬† She is currently working on knitting a scarf, although it is a bit of a slower pace than she is used to, as she has to work with a cast on her left hand.¬† Steven and Jaime have matching bright green casts on their arms.¬† It’s pretty cute ūüôā

Steven has a big appointment to get his jaw checked at Harborview on Wednesday.¬† He is¬† hoping that they will clear him to eat solid food again.¬† He has been (very graciously and without complaints) eating only pureed food since the accident.¬† The hospital literally takes whatever is on the menu for dinner that night, sticks it in the food processor, and delivers it to him on his tray.¬† He has eaten everything from pureed chow mein, to a pureed turkey club sandwich!¬† Please pray that his jaw is healing fine and he will be able to eat “real” food again soon!

Jessie met with her recreational therapist for the first time today.  She is looking forward to starting to take some field trips, possibly even out of Harborview, in the next couple of weeks.

Jaime and Steven wanted me to pass along a message that they have had a few people ask whether or not they can have flowers delivered to their room.¬† If you are thinking of doing this, they would much prefer that you purchase a wristband (see the “How You Can Help” tab above) in lieu of flowers. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Below you will see pictures of Jessie, Jaime and Steven! I am going to try to post at least one picture a day. Enjoy!

Jessie and her extra-cute therapy helper for today ūüôā


Jaime with the signed picture that jockey Mike Smith sent her, of him on the Horse of the Year, Zenyatta.


Steven posted this picture on Facebook, with the caption “Looks like I won’t need to do a fake Harry Potter scar next year – see, good things can come from this! :)”


Weekend Update…


Jessie had another good visit with Toby this weekend. ¬†She got some good cuddle time in, and Toby always makes her smile (as you can see above!). ¬†She continues to impress the doctors with her determination and drive, and she is definitely making measurable improvements. ¬†She enjoyed a visit from Grandkaty, Uncle Pat, and her cousin Hannah. ¬†She gave them a tour around the hospital and Hannah held the kill switch on the wheelchair so that if Jess lost control, Hannah could stop it and Jess wouldn’t run into a wall or run someone over ūüôā ¬†She watched the Pro-Bowl today and worked on responding to some journals that her students have been writing for her. ¬†I know that there are dozens of you who would absolutely love to come and visit Jess, but she is still not ready to have visitors at this time. ¬†Thank you so much for understanding. ¬†Her days are jam-packed and she is exhausted by the end of the day. ¬†Your messages, cards, and texts mean the world to her! ¬†

Steven and Jaime had a pretty low-key weekend at the nursing facility.  Steven was able to hit 90 degrees flexion on his left knee, which is a really great milestone that he was hoping to achieve.  Aunt Terry was also able to help him do some passive leg exercises without the guidance of a therapist for the first time.  All of the therapists like to train the caregivers to help with stretches and exercises that we can do with Jessie, Jaime and Steven when they (the therapists) are not around.  Steven received a great package from the Canucks (stickers, player cards including ones signed by Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kessler, a hat, and a pin).  Jaime and Steven, like Jessie, are also requesting no visitors at this time.  They also love your cards, messages and texts, so feel free to contact them in those ways!  

Thank you to our blog-reading friends! ¬†We are amazed by all of you, and talk about you daily! ¬†Please continue to pray for the physical and emotional healing of these four precious “kids.” ¬†They know that you are cheering for them, and your thoughts and prayers give them strength to fight the battles that they face every single day. ¬†Much love to all of you! ¬†


10:30pm Update…

Steven was back at Harborview this morning for some more follow-up appointments with doctors there. ¬†He had x-rays on his arms and spine, and also had most of his stitches removed (164 this time!). ¬†Jessie visited him for a little while during the stitch-removal process. ¬†He also had a new cast put on his right arm which is pretty big and bulky and limits his movement more than he would like. ¬†He’s hoping they’ll be able to cut it back in another couple of weeks. ¬†Jaime spent her day back at the nursing facility doing her usual daily therapy.

Jess texted me tonight (she’s getting pretty good at using various forms of voice activated technology) to give me a quick update on her day today. ¬†Here is her summary…

“I got up super early to meet Steven again, tried to tell a snarky nurse who’s boss, loved seeing Steven’s stitches removed, and met one of my PT goals of bending one of my knees 90 degrees and I can do it 105 degrees!”

Not a bad day for Jess!  The goal of bending her knee 90 degrees is one of those goals I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that is written on the goal board in her room.  To clarify, the goal is for her to be able to have someone bend her knee to the 90 degree angle. Because her leg was broken and put back together, they are working on increasing her flexibility in that leg by having the PT manually bend it for her (she is not able to move it on her own to that degree).  Meeting a goal like this is such a motivating, encouraging step for Jess.  We all celebrate with her when she makes these accomplishments!

Tonight we have a new way you can help. ¬†We have ordered silicone bracelets to be sold on behalf of the family, and all proceeds will go towards the medical costs of Jessie, Jaime and Steven. ¬†Bracelets are Bothell blue and white (at the request of the kids!), say “Love the Owens” on them, and will be selling for $10 each. ¬†We did a preliminary order with a few hundred last week, and they are almost sold out! ¬†If you would like to help by selling some of these bracelets yourself, we have set up a fundraising email account specifically for this purpose. ¬†Please email Deanna at lovetheowensfundraising@gmail.com.¬†Bracelets will be shipped to you, you will collect the money (checks should be made out to the Owen-Mayer Family Relief Fund) and then you will send the money back when you have collected it all. ¬†We would like for each “seller” to commit to selling 20 bracelets, just to simplify the process for everyone involved. ¬†Unfortunately we are not able to mail individual bracelets at this time, but there are some bracelets currently available at¬†Synergy Wellness Center in the Mill Creek Town Center (15224 Main Street #303, Mill Creek WA 98012), from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. ¬†The new order of bracelets should be available to be sold within the next 7-10 days.

Thank you again for covering this wonderful family in prayer, love, and warm wishes.  We are all so grateful for your support!