11pm Update…and a peek at Jessie’s room!

Below you’ll see a couple of pictures of Jessie’s room, which is looking quite bright and cheery these days.  It’s filling up with pictures of people who love her, and cards with warm words of encouragement and hope inside. Jaime is in a bit more of a temporary room on the surgical floor and Steven is still in the ICU, so we haven’t been able to decorate their rooms quite as much as Jessie’s…yet 🙂

Today was a good day for Jess.  She had a full day of therapy, which includes Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Recreational Therapy.  She also got to have a good, long visit with Jaime today and they were both very thankful for that.  Jaime had a low-key day, resting and allowing her body to heal from yesterday’s surgery before she heads into her final (yay!) surgery tomorrow. Tomorrow’s surgery will repair her knee and the hope is that after that she’ll be able to move around a little more (and get into a wheelchair) since the injuries to her legs will all be repaired and stabilized. Steven was much more alert today, and is very much hoping to be able to get his feeding tube out tomorrow.  He remains in the ICU, but doctors (and his family) are pleased with his progress over the past couple of days.

Thank you again for the support you are lending to Jessie, Jaime, Jeremy and Steven right now.  They know you are cheering for them, and are so thankful for all of the ways you are loving them and caring for them in the midst of this challenging time.  I also want to express my personal thanks for how so many of you have shared your appreciation for this blog. This family is so loved!   I am fully confident that God is going to use these four to do something greater than any of us can imagine in this world, and I am honored that I get to be a witness to their story of healing and hope.

14 thoughts on “11pm Update…and a peek at Jessie’s room!

  1. Christy, you are an amazing young woman yourself, and again, I thank you for this beautiful blog to keep us up on all that is going on with those Owen kids who are loved by so many. You are very special to take time to do all that you are doing for this dear family. Yes, yes, we are praying, praying and lifting them up to our Lord for healing. I truly believe that the Lord has His eye on them and will use them in a mighty way!!! Love to you, Sharon Pakkala

  2. What an amazing update. I have been checking all day with hope of some more progress. These photos made me smile. I hope that they do the same for Jessie and that both Jamie and Steven will be able to have the same joy soon. Here’s to tonight’s prayer. 🙂

  3. I am so appreciative of your updates. Praying and cheering for each victory. I believe that God does indeed have a plan for each of them. Hugs and love to each of them.


  4. Without a doubt God has a plan here that is greater than any of us can imagine. Every single persons’ lives was changed that day. Its too bad that pain and suffering has to happen for greatness to occur but “without it there would be no growth – no forward movement, no chance for us to become what God longed for us to be.” My prayers are with you and everyone everyday. Thanks so much Christy.

  5. Christy it is so nice of you to keep us posted on how the kids are doing. Our prayers are with them and with you as you continue to put forth a great effort for this family.

  6. Way to go Fantastic 4! So happy to hear all of these updates and see that Jessie has a well decorated room! Praying for Steven to get his feeding tube out soon, and for Jaime’s final surgery (yay!) to go perfectly well! Praying also for Jessie as she goes through rehab, and Jeremy as he watches over his family. Praying always for your hearts to heal as well as your bodies, I am SO encouraged by all of you!

    Much love,

  7. Thank you for all these updates, I know everyone who loves this family deeply appreciates this. I’m sending prayers and love to Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy every single day.

  8. Jessie, you were in all our hearts, good thoughts and prayers today. We missed having you with us. It makes my heart happy when I read about each of your accomplishments. You are amazing! Hope you got your fill of sliders and milk shakes (yum)!

  9. I was so stunned to hear the news from our dean. I was in class with Jaime just a few weeks ago. I know all the amazing support from the writers of the blog and the comments will help. Jaime: if you can get through legal writing, you can do anything! Keep going, everyone at SU Law is pulling for you. Your strength is an inspiration.

    • Here here! I’m also an SU law student, I don’t know Jamie but after finding out from Dean Niles about the tragic accident have been following the blog. Hang in there Jamie, Steven and Jessie! And like Amanda said, if you can get through LW, you can do anything!

  10. Like so many, I am truly grateful for the updated blog posts. Thank you, Christy, for doing this. The Fantastic 4… I like that. All of us in Northshore are praying for all of you. Keep working hard, you guys. God bless you.

  11. Jamie, I was very sorry to learn of the accident you and your family was invoked in. My condolences for your losses and very best wishes for full and fast recoveries for you, your husband and sister. We look forward to positive reports on the blog.

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