7pm Update…

Jess had a big meeting today with the entire team of doctors and therapists that is serving her right now.  They met to discuss what types of things they are working on with her and what their goals for her rehabilitation are.  Jessie clearly told them all that she prefers for them not to use words like “we hope”  or “you might” when talking about her recovery.  She wants them to speak with confidence, and to tell her that they believe in her.  Such amazing strength and presence of mind! The status of her spinal cord injury has not changed (she still has limited movement in her arms and legs), but she is working hard, is making tiny bits of progress each day, and to say that she is determined is a total understatement. She is a fighter!

Jaime had her final surgery (on her knee) today, and we were told that it was very successful.  The next step in her recovery is for her to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility so that she can be cared for while her legs heal. This will likely happen early next week. The plan now is that she will probably stay there for 6-8 weeks, until she is able to bare weight on at least one leg, which is a requirement in order for her to do rehab back at Harborview.  She will then be transferred back to Harborview, to complete her own intense rehabilitation program similar to what Jessie is doing right now.

Steven’s swallow test was postponed until tomorrow.  His status is mostly unchanged, and he remains in the ICU.

Jeremy is going to visit his family at Harborview tomorrow.  He is heading back to school this  coming weekend.  The decision to go back to school was completely his, and he was very clear that this is what he wants to do and also that it is what his parents would want him to do.  We are so proud of him.

You all need to know that Aunt Terry is AMAZING!  She has been a total rock for these kids and is handling all of this with such grace and strength.  Steven’s family has been equally as amazing…never leaving his side, but also visiting Jessie and Jaime and cheering for them as much as possible.  There is a wonderful team of close friends and family who is sharing the load when it comes to caring for all four of the kids and managing the complexities of this situation.  And, of course, the support we are receiving from all of you is what keeps us going.  Thank you for continuing to read this blog, and continuing to think about and pray for this family.  It truly “takes a village” and we have the BEST village we could imagine.

23 thoughts on “7pm Update…

  1. Jess, your positive attitude and hard work will carry you far. Glad to hear Jaime is done with surgeries, now she can heal and begin next phase. We are cheering you all on. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Patty “O”

  2. Jessie! You are a fighter – you go girl! I will send you my father’s inspiring story, as it is a miracle story of how another very determined person with a fighting, positive attitude, like you, overcame paralysis from a spinal cord injury and regained his ability to walk. Inch by inch! Know you are loved and I BELIEVE in your recovery. Sam and I are praying for you and your family.
    Christy, thank you for all of your efforts to keep up this blog.

  3. Hey Christy,
    Thank you so much for all the updates. It means a lot to the community to hear how Jessie, Jaimie, Jeremy and Steven are doing. I remember Jessie from my sister’s soccer team. She has the best smile that really shows off her fighter spirit. I’ll be sending healing thoughts and wishes for tiny miracles from California in the months to come for everyone including your loving family. These beautiful young adults have touched the lives of many and will continue to do so. Thanks again for sharing their ongoing story.

  4. Jessie, did you feel all the positive vibes and prayers today? _All_ of the NSD teachers were thinking of you. We knew you were there with us. Keep working hard!!

  5. Kids keep fighting. We are all on your side. Jeremy stay strong. I am a friend of your mom’s. We worked together at the City of Seattle and have remained friends since. Jessie you are the same age as my son Brandon and Jamie you are the same age as my daughter Kelli. You may not remember them, but as children we got together with your family-including Jeremy and my kids remember you… They remember you and Kelli remembers the Jaime’s painted horse in the stall. Your mom hoped that we lived closer so that Brandon could be a big bro for Jer. And, I tried to get Jaime to join us one summer for a soccer tournament. You are wonderful kids, and so many people are following your story and encouraged by your strength. You radiate love, spirit and positive energy. I look forward to hearing that you busted out of Harborview! Glenda Walton

  6. My kids are the same age as Jessie and Jamie. Both went to school with the Owens and they went to the Candle/Prayer at Bothell High School God has spoke to my heart to continue daily prayer for the family and those sitting at their sides to help in the care needs. On Sunday, our church at Maltby Christian continued to pray for your family. May God fill your hearts with Joy and Peace. Please know that many are praying for Miracles beyond our understanding.

  7. Thank You Christy!!!! You are awesome at keeping the community updated, with amazing writing skills and your ever present upbeat attitude! Prayers all around for continued recoveries!! And for you, my friend, for being the mortar in the communications!

  8. Today a colleague shared the heartbreaking news with me about Jessie and her family. As I read through this blog, with tears in my eyes, I am reminded of the young, energetic Jessie who was hired a few years ago at our school (Garfield Elementary) to teach math to struggling students. She had a quiet confidence about her, and a way of immediately connecting with both students and staff. She not only set high expectations for her students, but she also helped them to believe in themselves. Jessie had even higher expectations for herself. I have no doubt that the fighting spirit she has already shown, which was instilled by her parents and family (whom she spoke about so lovingly), will help her pull through and make a full recovery. Jessie, you a a fighter and I know you can do this!

    My love and prayers are with you and your entire family!

    Shannon Arnim Koehnen

  9. Thank you, Christy. Wish I could do something for you, and for some of the other people so close to this every day. Please know we are not only cheering the kids on, but thinking of you guys as well.

  10. So inspiring. The amount of faith and love in this situation is amazing. Keep up the faith, keep up the strength. Every bone in my body believes in a full recovery for you all. Love, love, love you all.

  11. We (Northshore School District) returned to work today and are here for anything you guys need. We will be donating as much sick leave as we all can for Jessie and I know that we should get her to the summer! I am sure her kids will be missing her return but I know the strength of the district and they will pull through and help as much as possible. The staff at BHS that all had the kids are thinking and praying for them!

  12. Jessie, we have NO DOUBT that you will be up on your feet again and will be an inspiration to others who will come to be where you are now! The positive attitude and fighting spirit you have always had is strong medicine! Not to mention all the love and prayers that are holding you, Jamie, Jeremy and Steven up right now and in the days to come. We love you all!
    Zane, Jody, Jordan and Tessa

    Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.- Corrie Ten Boom

  13. Jessie, the entire elementary staff, (all 600 + of us) dedicated our learning to you yesterday. We knew you were with us, all in, and ready to tackle any challenge, be it new standards, new assessments, new evals or getting well after a traumatic injury. You are inspiring us my girl, keep it up!
    Kathleen Poole

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I was wondering if Frank Love Elem has school colors. I would like to knit some hats and scarves and add them to the inventory of knitted items some of us are making and planning to sell to help with medical costs. If you could let me know the school colors I would really appreciate it!.

    • I’m so glad others know those facts because I don’t! I am a quilter, not a knitter ( although I’ve tried, moves too slow for me) it would be my privilege to make a quilt to donate to your fund raising cause…not a pro, but lots of experience and pretty accomplished….particularly with baby/youth stuff. Would that be helpful? Would you like the FLcolors?

      • Kathleen, Jessie LOVES knowing that you are so personally interested in her progress. I know that she would be so touched to receive something hand made by you. 🙂 Aunt Terry

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