A Message From Kathy…

I just want to thank each and every one of you for the amazing support you have given to this precious family.  These kids just amaze me daily.  Tim and Cheryl were incredible parents and the strength they gave these kids is beyond words. We are all doing very well because of your support.  The meals have been such a blessing to all of us, the cards of encouragement are so, so appreciated and the power of all your prayers is certainly showing in Jessie, Jaime and Steven’s recovery. All  my love and many, many thanks to all of you.

Kathy Bellin

5 thoughts on “A Message From Kathy…

  1. Hey Jessie — I bet you’re thrilled about the Seahawks. My guess is that some of your strength you’re using for your healing got transferred thru that football and on to Russell Wilson. He’s amazing and so are you. You go girl!!

  2. I cannot express my heartfelt prayers for this family. My kids being the same ages, classmates have brought this family emotional needs to our prayers. We will continue to reach out to pray for strength, miracles, healing both physical and emotional to all. Please know you have a community behind you standing in prayers and thoughts. We have added you to the Maltby Christian Prayer line. I know that God is reaching out to the Owen family and will continue to.

  3. Jaime, I am so happy to hear you are mending and on the road to recovery. And I’m so relieved to hear that Steven is making progress and should be able to join you. You will both gain so much strength from supporting each other and being together. There are thousands of people out here sending you all their love and positive energy so Stay Positive! You WILL get through this and have a long and wonderful life!
    Jessie, keep up your fight. I overheard a mother in the grocery store a few weeks ago talking about her daughter’s amazing teacher and how her teacher was the best her daughter had ever had and her name was Ms. Owen! As a teacher you touch so many lives and they all love you and are rooting for you. I always knew you as the supportive big sister who would always drop in to support Jaime at her shows before heading off to one of your many sports activities. Keep being that supportive big sis. My family and I and so many thousands of people are cheering for all of you now.

  4. I want to add my words of encouragement to Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy. Leo and I went to Tacoma to watch the Seahawk/Washington game today with our daughter Michelle. We love Russell Wilson, and it was fun to share knowing that he had so kindly sent Jessie an autographed football. We pray for you kids, all, and know that you have the strength and courage to face each obstacle and celebrate each victory, as your parents raised you to do. Next week the Seahawks are on to Atlanta, and we know you will be cheering them on!!!! Love from the Pakkalas

  5. You are a blessing to these kids Kathy! You are an amazing mother, with your own amazing and loving children <3, I know Tim and Cheryl are smiling and watching over you and they are so proud!

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