An update from Jaime, and LOTS of ways that you can help!

First of all…an update from Jaime tonight!  Here it is…

“I am getting ready to transfer to a nursing facility at some point this week.  The doctors and physical therapists have been getting me to use a machine on my right leg that automatically bends my knee to a 25 degree angle every few seconds.  People are making sure that I never have to eat hospital food and are keeping me well-fed with smoothies, homemade soup, cookies, and hazelnut chocolate milk!  Although I am putting up with a good amount of pain, I am very determined to be able to get better and start rehab soon.  I have enjoyed receiving e-mails, Facebook messages, and blog posts from all of you and am very amazed and appreciative of all the love and support you are sending to me and my family.

The past few days I have been spending a good amount of time with Jessie in her room.  Yesterday all of us siblings were reunited in Jessie’s room for a little quality time and a photo op before Jeremy headed back to school.  Later in the evening I got to see Steven for a short, but very sweet visit!

Steven still has his feeding tube in, as the doctors are hoping that his jaw will heal on its own with a little time, and he has one more surgery early next week.  He was able to have a few sips of Coke (at long last), and is looking forward to drinking a Pepsi very soon!  During his visit with me, he reassured me that we will heal together!”

Now that it has been determined that Jaime will be staying at Harborview a little longer, you are welcome to send her balloons, flowers or other gifts to decorate her room. I’m sure she would love a little cheer!

Last night I mentioned how our efforts at getting Kenny Chesney to send something to Jessie may have worked.  Tonight, I have more work for all of you to do.  We have come up with a list of a few of Jaime, Steven and Jer’s favorite people in this world, and we are hoping that you won’t mind sending some more Facebook messages/emails/tweets telling each of these people/organizations the story of these kids and asking if they will please send them something to show that they care about them.  What do you think?  Let’s make this happen for Jaime, Jer and Steven too!  So, here it is…some homework for our blog-reading friends 🙂

Jaime:  Those of you who know Jaime know that she has loved horses her entire life.  Mike Smith is her favorite jockey.  Here is a link to his website:  He also has a Facebook page, so let’s send him tons of messages about Jaime and see if he will do something for her!

Jeremy:  Jer is a HUGE fan of the Lakers, so anything from them would be amazing.  Specifically, he would go crazy if he received anything from Kobe Bryant.

Steven:  Steven is a major hockey fan and loves his hometown Vancouver Canucks.  Please send them some messages about how awesome Steven is!  …We also think it would be pretty darn cool if Bill Gates sent Steven a card or note or message of some kind, and we have a feeling that there may be some readers who might be able to help make this happen.  🙂

Finally, the entire Owen family absolutely loves the Harry Potter series, so if you have one more email in you, you might think about sending a message to J.K. Rowling, telling her about this sweet family.  The more people who send messages to each of the people I mentioned above, the more likely it is that they will respond.  We have had so many people say that they want to be able to do something to help…here’s your chance!  I’ll be sure to let you know if anything comes of this!  You can use the address listed under the “How You Can Help” tab at the top of the page and ask them to address it to the appropriate person (Jessica Owen, Jeremy Owen, Jaime Mayer or Steven Mayer).  Thank you!

One more note for tonight.  Obviously, our focus over the past two weeks has been taking care of Jessie, Jaime, Jeremy and Steven in the midst of this unbelievable tragedy, but at the same time we are all grieving the loss of their beautiful parents as well.  Tim and Cheryl were two of the greatest people to ever walk this earth.  I am sure of it.  We miss them terribly, and we know that you do too.  Tonight I have added a tab at the top of the page that says “Messages About Tim and Cheryl.”  We would love it if you would take a few minutes to write a message to Jessie, Jaime, Jeremy and Steven about who their parents (or in-laws!) were to you.  Maybe share a story about them, or something that you learned from them.  Anything that you would like to share about the impact that Tim and/or Cheryl had in your life will be nurturing to these kids.  We will eventually print all of these messages out and make a book for each of the kids so that they can read through them in their own time.  We also think that you might enjoy reading about the legacy that Tim and Cheryl have left behind, so please read through these comments yourself and remember what a gift it was that we got to call them our friends.  Thanks, once again, for all that you are doing to make the Owen/Mayer family feel loved right now.  We are so thankful for you!

14 thoughts on “An update from Jaime, and LOTS of ways that you can help!

  1. It is awesome getting updates about these amazing people. I was a medical personel on scene that day and I helped care for one of these amazing kids all the way to CWH! It’s makes me so pleased to read all of the positive things coming from them! Tell them I’m pulling for them and have been since the first moment! Stay strong family!

    • Kelly, thank you SO much for the wonderful care given to all 4 kids that day. Please tell everyone who helped them how very much we appreciate everything they did. We are so very lucky that they survived and we know that the team that got them to CWH made a huge difference. Thank you! Aunt Terry

  2. Christy, will get on your suggestions tomorrow. Am heading to bed tonight. Thank you for all that you do. Jaime’s message was so very sweete. Love, Sharon

  3. My name is Joe Fann and I’m an ’08 Bothell Grad. I might be able to help with some of these wishes. Please email me so we can discuss. God bless the Owen family and I hope I can find a way to help.

  4. Hi there, am a friend of Jessies, my husband work’s at Emerald Down’s and may be able to make a connections for Jaime and her favorite jockey… could I get contact and information when she is moved from Harborview? Jessie is super special to me and I would love to help in any way that I can.

  5. Jessie and I went to college together; gamma phi girls at WSU. A friend of a friend went through a spinal injury and is now doing fabulous. I read that Jessie is interested in meeting with others who have gone through similar situations. He lives in California but is open to chatting with Jessie about his story and successes; wanted to let you know this contact is out there if she is interested.
    Thanks for all the updates; gamma phis know you will are a strong gal Jessie! Keep fighting!

  6. Our early 80’s City of Seattle Training Team will be getting together next week and will do some reminiscing about our standout memories of Cheryl. This will be fun and yet — we will be SO missing her and Tim. So we will have something to add to the memory book for the kids. Jessie, Jaime, Jeremy and Steven, keep moving forward, just as you have been. I hope we are all adding some energy to help you in your journeys. You are all so strong.

  7. I know a contact that I can talk to regarding the Lakers items. I have emailed to see what options are available, but am not sure yet what the reply may be. Is there anyone I can work with via email rather than posting updates on here?

  8. We are so glad to have this blog as a line of communication. The recoveries that all of them are making are so amazing and we wish them all the best in their continuing journeys.

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