10pm Update…

Today all three of the “kids” got most of their staples out.  Jaime had over 200 removed, if you can believe that!  She also had a cast removed from her arm. The doctors have still been working at getting her pain under control, but she was feeling better tonight and she will be moved to the skilled nursing facility very soon.  One of Jaime’s doctors spent a good amount of time showing her the before and after x-rays from her surgeries and explaining all of the pins, rods and plates that she had put in.  He told her that he can give her a letter on “official letterhead” to take with her when she has to go through security at the airport 🙂  

Jessie had a big day today.  Three of the Seattle Sounders (Andy Rose, Bebeyele Steres and Alex Caskey) visited her and spent quite a bit of time talking to her and hanging out in her room today.  She absolutely loved her time with them and said that they were incredibly kind and sweet.  They even brought her a jersey and told her that they can’t wait until she can come to a game and that they will have tickets waiting for her!  This made her day!

Today was an amazing day for Steven!  He is definitely feeling better, and he attributes it to getting to see Jaime the other day 🙂  Although he still has his feeding tube in, he is allowed to eat and drink some of his normal favorites and he is really enjoying that.  He had is final (woohoo!) surgery today, and doctors expect that he will be able to follow Jaime to the skilled nursing facility in a few days.  We are so incredibly happy with how well Steven is doing!  

Thank you to all of you who have written messages on the tab above about Tim and Cheryl.  Please keep them coming!  We love reading these!  Also, a bit of an odd request – we are wondering if any of you out there have experience with large fish tanks 🙂  Jaime and Steven need someone who knows how to break down a fish tank to take apart their 24 and 14 gallon tanks in their apartment.  If you have the experience needed to help out with this, please email us at lovetheowens@gmail.com  Thanks so much!  

Thanks again for all of the prayers and love you are sending our way, and thank you for sticking with us.  You are so appreciated!    


6 thoughts on “10pm Update…

  1. Sounds like a great day all around and has to be uplifting for you all. Your all in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks again for the updates, check often throughout the day.

  2. Praises for all the progress that has been made! Prayers are continuing to be lifted up for everyone in your family! Praying for continuing STRENGTH, support and hope!!! You all are an inspiration to so many families out there…. Hugs and hugs and hugs from Florida!!! (I am Jessie’s old softball buddy) 😉

  3. Such uplifting posts today! Love the pics of knock-out gorgeous Jessie (both inside and out!) and the heartwarming picture of the girls holding hands. Bellin family? You’re amazing! Thank you SO much. Prayers for Owens, Mayers and Bellins!
    Hugs, the Beyer family

  4. There may be someone at Bridges Pet store in Snohomish that could help with the fish tanks. I just checked in there, and they asked that someone who really knows the situation call them. The number is 425-322-4012.
    Glad to see that everyone is healing. Clearly God has his hand on this family.

  5. Hi,
    I have fish tanks and might be able to help. Are there fish that need a home? I’ll be at work tomorrow. I’ll try to stop by or leave a note at the nurse’s station.

  6. Hello …I work at Intermec and know Terry from there. Did you get assistance with the fish tanks? I used to have several (55 gal, 20 gal, 10 gal and 5 gal….all at the same time!). Do you know if these are fresh water fish or fancy salt water fish? My work number is 425-267-2950 or e-mail me at cheryl.mcleod@intermec.com.

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