Jess and Jaime holding hands the first time they saw one another since the accident...

Jess and Jaime holding hands the first time they saw one another since the accident…

 Jessie with the Sounders today!


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  1. These pictures brought tears to my eyes. Just to see those two hands touching each other! WOW!! And, Sweet Jessie, still a beautiful girl in spite of all that she has been through. And, how great to have visits from the Sounders guys!!! Big hugs to all of you. Will write more tomorrow! Love to and prayers for all, Sharon Pakkala

  2. Love these two pics! Jessie and Jaime holding hands brought tears to my eyes. So happy that Jessie has had a great time meeting all of these Seattle sports players! Can’t wait to see who visits Jaime and Steven! Thinking about you guys every day, and again thank you so much christy for all of your hard work with this blog, it means so much to me and I know many many others. Thank you!

  3. Jessie you look amazing!!! It made my day to see a smile on your face 🙂 keep staying strong and fighting… your such an inspiration!!! Xoxo

  4. Jessie, BRAVO on scoring with the Sonics – and for all the phenomenal progress you’re making. I remember first seeing your commanding energy as your tiny lungs bellowed from the bottom of a baby “bucket” when your brightly beaming parents first brought into the Training Team at City of Seattle. We’re all still cheering for you!

    Jamie, the beloved “Peanut,” your feistiness was clearly apparent when your diapered little body greeted me with HUGE smile and hug the hospital waiting room less that two days after open heart surgery. I have no doubt you’ve kept the staff Harborview smiling since your arrival there, as well as for many of us who rave about your relentless will power.

    More later for Jer and Steven. Just want you to know the old City staff is paying careful attention to every detail in your recovery. You guys are awesome!!!

    Lonnie Lusardo

  5. These pictures mean the world to all of us following the blog. Smiles and holding hands is so very symbolic of the healing that is happening and the reason to hope for the future for these kids. Thank you – Holly

  6. Wow, beautiful pictures! Like so many others, tears came to my eyes seeing the picture of the girls holding hands, what a special moment it must have been. Jess, love the picture of you and the Sounders, your smile says it all. Your a beautiful girl.

    Thank you Christy for sharing these – Patty O (Osterhout)

  7. Jessie, I don’t know you directly but am a Northshore teacher (2nd Grade FW). My brother Scott Beebe has told me a lot about you over the holidays as he thought about you and your family. I just wanted to send my love support and prayers to you and your family. The strength and positive thoughts your family and friends are showing on the blog are inspiring. Better days will come. Lots of love.

    Lisa Billings

  8. Jessie: just wanted to say hello and tell you it was great to “see” you via your picture with the Sounders! I think of you everyday and send to you, and to your whole family, strong positive thoughts! ~ Sarah H. (formerly at FL)

  9. Jessie, I am not sure if you remember me. My name is Bonnie and I worked with your mother at Seattle Central Community and Edmonds Community College. You used to play with my daughter Heather who is now a mother of a 9 months old baby girl. Your mom and I remained friends since we stopped working together, which looks like a theme in the posts. Once a friend, always a friend. I had the privilege of being a written reference for the adoption of your brother Jeremy and was around when your sister Jaime was having work done on her heart.

    I now live in Phoenix and Glenda Graham-Walton contacted with me the news of your parents’ death and of the progress of you kids. I continue to go in and out of shock. I pray daily for all of you and have so enjoyed reading about each one of you and your progress. Your mom would be so proud of each of you; as she always was. I could read the Christmas card now, “my kids are amazing! listen to what they’ve done today …”

    I am pleased to see the outpouring of love and all of your strength. If you or your siblings decide you’d like some citrus and sunshine, my home is always open. In the meanwhile, keep flirting with everyone and moving those muscles.

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