A Message From Steven’s Family…

We would like to acknowledge everyone’s prayers and support. We are receiving so many blessings.  You have given us the courage and strength in the midst of trauma to face the next moments, hours and days of this journey. To see the pain and devastation to their bodies was unbearable but each have shown such strength and courage to go forward. We have witnessed healing and miracles. A heartfelt thank you to Aunt Terry, Betta Beasley and Kathy Bellin.  They took care of details and encircled us with love so we could stay at Steven’s bedside. We are so very grateful – so thankful and blessed.

Thank you,

The Mayer Family

4 thoughts on “A Message From Steven’s Family…

  1. We have all been so glad to hear that in recent days Steven is showing more significant signs of improvement. He has been in my thoughts regularly. I do not know Steven or the others personally (they are friends of friends), but I am so impressed with he and the others strength as I hear more about their healing through this blog. I am glad you all have support and love around you!

  2. We are praying for the Mayer family. We were at Steven’s and Jaime’s beautiful wedding. Steven is adorable (probably not a great word for a young man) and the perfect match for dear Jaime. We loved meeting him and wish him steady recovery. Prayers are with you!

  3. The Bothell Community wants you to know that when we pray for our neighbors, The Owen Family, we include the Mayer Family in every prayer. Your son is our community’s son too.

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