Quick Update…

Not a ton to share tonight.  The big event of the day is that Jaime was moved to the “skilled nursing facility” today.  It sounds like Steven will likely be moved there within the next day or two.  Jessie continues with roughly four hours of intensive therapy six days a week. Sunday is her “day off.”  Yesterday she was able to sit up in her wheelchair for 2 hours which is a new record for her!

We have had several people contact us asking if there is a way they can send money or gift cards for those who are staying and helping at the hospital (rather than making a meal).  Now that Jessie, Jaime and Steven are all able to eat whatever they would like, we are making many trips to and from the local restaurants so that these three don’t have to rely on the lovely hospital food for every meal.  If you would like to help out with providing non-hospital  food for these three, they would absolutely love some gift cards to their favorite restaurants and stores.  Safeway, QFC, Red Robin, Jamba Juice, California Pizza Kitchen and Visa gift cards would all be very helpful. If you would like to help in this way, you can mail these to the following address:

15117 50th Ave SE

Everett, WA 98208

You have all been soooooooo incredibly generous to all of us already, but we just thought we’d throw this out there because we have received so many questions specifically regarding restaurant gift cards.  Every single thing that you do, whether it’s making homemade meals for the caregivers, sending sweet cards, messages and comments to us, donating to the relief fund or helping connect us with people who can put a smile on the kids’ faces – all of these acts of kindness take some of the weight off of our shoulders and help us to love and care for Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy better.  We cannot express our gratitude enough.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Quick Update…

  1. Thank you so much for the new gift card idea! And for the news of the next progressive steps. I hope Jaime and Steven get to see each other a lot while they are recovering and later during rehab. Jessie, two whole hours sounds like a long time! WTG! Jer, I hope that you are encouraged by these updates at a distance now. I trust you can relax into your new school routines. For all of you, one thing I’ve learned in the cancer world is that sometimes reality far exceeds your hopes. =D Lots of people who have never met you are pulling for you through this network of care. ♥

  2. I see that Jaime is a fan of mike smith I have a connection to him and want to share her story with him. Please let me know if I should have him contact her another way besides the Owen-Mayer family relief fund 2020 maltby rd. thanx and we are praying for everyone-stay strong!

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