8pm Update…

Today Jessie had her weekly meeting with the team of doctors and therapists who is serving her right now.  She got the go-ahead to begin the process of clearing her beloved dog “Toby” to come and visit her in rehab.  This is something she has been wanting to happen for quite a while, so she is super excited to get to visit with Toby sometime soon!  Her physical therapist started working with her on using her electric wheelchair, and she has also begun using some adaptive technology that allows her to operate a computer independently.  Please continue to pray that as Jessie’s spinal cord heals, she will regain feeling and use of her arms and legs.  And please keep all of the encouraging, uplifting and positive messages heading her way.  Remind her again and again that you are cheering for her and praying for her and that you believe in her.  Her spirit is so beautiful and so determined.  We believe in her!

Jaime was moved to her new nursing facility last night.  Today she was moved to a double room where Steven will be joining her very soon.  It will be such a relief for her and Steven to be together in one room after three weeks of being apart.  They will rest and heal together until they are able to bare more weight on their legs and be returned to Harborview for intensive rehabilitation.  If you would like to send Jaime or Steven something other than a card (like flowers or balloons) you should have it sent to their new location at the following address.

Jaime and/or Steven Mayer

Kindred Hospital

10631 8th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98125

Cards can be mailed to the address listed under the “How You Can Help” tab above.  All three (Jessie, Jaime and Steven) are still not able to have visitors at this time, so please continue to send them your love in ways other than stopping by for a visit 🙂

Thank you to all of you who offered to help with Jaime and Steven’s aquariums.  I think we have it taken care of, but we were amazed by how many of you have fish knowledge and offered to help.  Thank you!  Thanks also to those of you who have helped us make connections with people who can put a smile on the faces of Jaime, Steven and Jer.  Hopefully I’ll have more to share about that sometime soon. We are so thankful for all of you!


9 thoughts on “8pm Update…

  1. I’m so happy you get to have Toby come visit you! I truly believe in the power of the love and encouragement we get from our pets–especially dogs! He will be good medicine for you, Jessie!!

  2. So excited for Jamie and Steven to be able to share a room. What a blessing that will be! And Steven’s progress is such an answer to prayer!! give God the Glory!
    Jess!!! Your pictures with the Sounders is amazing! I am so proud of how determined you are and how you just light up the room. I have not been honored to know you in adulthood but I remember you as a kid…so funny you were!!! My sweet Christy updates me on your progress and I am just believing God has AMAZING things in store for you young lady. The book of Esther keeps coming to my mind when I think of you. Where it says, “You were made for such a time as this.” You can’t make sense of it, but the Lord has been preparing you. Molding you. Teaching and training you. Keep The Lord first in your thoughts and he will sustain you! I love you sweet sister!!!

  3. Hi! My name is Michelle and I work in the Dean of Students office at EWU. I have been trying to reach out to Jeremy to provide support for him here on campus. If there is any way you can encourage him to come see me in PUB 320 or call at 509.359.2291 that would be great! We have exchanged one email but have not heard from him since. We want to be sure he has the support and resources he needs here on campus. 🙂 –Michelle

  4. I’m excited for Jamie & Steven that they will have their room together. That’s great news! And Toby, I sure miss his goofy wiggly body rooting around my office for treats. It’ll be great for you to see him Jess. He’s filled with nothing but love & excitment. Let him be an extension of how we all here feel for you. How’s Benny recovering from his surgery? I hope he’s doing well. Much love to all of you, especially Jeremy. Your parents were so proud of you going to University & making your way.

  5. So much great news!!! Jessie, all of Shelton View is cheering you on and praying for you and your family!! I read this blog daily and am overwhelmed by the strength and courage you and your sis, brother, and brother-in-law show. It is so awesome to hear updates of progress and ways to specifically pray for you all. My highschool friend Misty and her friends and family are cheering you all on and praying for you in Texas. That is the new state to add to VA, MA, MO, AZ, and KS. 🙂
    Sincerely, Jess Van Deusen
    Ps I told Kenny Chesney~ or the person who reads his fb messages~ that you inspired me to listen to his music- not bad! 😉

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