A Good Day Post!

Today was a very, very good day.  Today we were blessed.  The day started out with a phone call from a wonderful, generous man who is a Chairman at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Foundation (http://www.christopherreeve.org).  He personally wanted to reach out to us and offer his resources to us as we walk through the process of advocating for the best care for Jessie and her spinal cord injury.  Not only was he knowledgeable, helpful, generous and resourceful, but he was also compassionate, genuine and so very kind.  He told us that he wants to walk on this journey with us, share his expertise, and lighten our load a little.  I really believe that this man is one of the best resources on the planet for spinal cord injuries, and HE reached out to US!  In my book this defines the word “godsend.”  I truly believe that he was sent by God. We are so grateful for his help and we look forward to learning a ton from him in the future.

Today Jessie got to have her hair done!  A sweet friend offered to come to the hospital and dye her hair for her, and this was something that Jess was really looking forward to.  She also wanted you all to know that she was really happy that she got to take a shower for the first time today 🙂  Tomorrow her beloved dog Toby is coming by for a visit.  Jess has been asking for Toby since the third day after the accident, so she will be thrilled to get some puppy loves tomorrow!

Today Jaime and Steven spent their first full day together in their new room at the nursing facility.  Steven got his glasses today, so he can finally see!  His sister also came down from B.C. for a visit, and he has more family heading down here to spend time with him this weekend.  Jaime got a follow-up text from Mike Smith!  He told her that he enjoyed their conversation  yesterday and that he rode a winner today and did it in honor of her.  Wow.

We continue to be amazed by how many people (and people with big names!) across the country are reaching out to us, telling us that they have heard of this family and want to help.  We had a few of those types of phone calls today.  I also opened the mail to find several gift cards from thoughtful friends who want to provide yummy food for Jessie, Jaime and Steven. Blessings upon blessings.  It really was a good day and we are so grateful.
The doctors have told us that recovery is like navigating the Seattle streets.  There will be as many potholes as there are stretches of smooth road.  Today was a “smooth road” kind of day, and we will take it!  So much to be thankful for tonight…


8 thoughts on “A Good Day Post!

  1. Thank you for the wonderful and encouraging news about these special young folks. Yes, I believe each positive step is a God send. Continuing to pray for God’s healing intervention!

  2. Although I haven’t posted much, I check this blog everyday. It is so heartwarming to read all the fabulous updates and about the incredible events happening for each of these kids. Even though Jessie is the one I had in my class so many years ago, I say prayers for each of them and everyone involved with them multiple times a day. Prayers are being answered and God is at work. Thank you, Christy, for continuing to keep us informed. It takes a village, and what an incredible village supporting these four wonderful young adults!

  3. Great news, especially on Jessie’s front. Thank you so much for continuing to update us on all the kids. I think about all of them everyday and so appreciate being able to follow their progress. We will continue to pray!

  4. Oh Christy, this just made me cry with happiness. Bless you for the posts. God works wonders in the coolest ways. I continue to pray, believe in miracles and look forward to the day to day stories and updates. How is Jeremy doing back at school?

  5. I have become aware of your family through a distant relative. I happen to be an occuplational therpust currently working I. Rehabilitation. I just want to give my best to your family. No one can know what Jaime, Jessie, Steven and jereme are going through personally. I admire their courage in allowing others to share in their triumphs in struggles.

  6. It sounds like everyone is so blessed! So much good and grace coming out of such tragedy. May Gods Spirit continue its amazing work in the lives of these kids. God bless

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