20 thoughts on “Pictures From Toby’s Visit…

  1. There’s nothing like having your best friend visit you! I am so glad he got to come to her room. I bet it was just as wonderful for him as for Jessie. They both looked so happy to see each other again.

  2. Toby is going to help make you strong again Jessie! Look at how happy he is to see you, and look at how gorgeous you are seeing him! I continue to pray for you and your family every day, blessings coming….

  3. That dog looks so happy to see his “Alpha,” it was wonderful of Jessie to push for this for her dog’s sake because he has probably been stressed by the changes and I’m sure (?????) she enjoyed that foot long tongue licking her! Continuing to pray for the whole family. Thanks for the blog and for these wonderful pictures!

  4. Been praying for Jessie and her family… this is SO wonderful!! I can only imagine how it felt to see Toby and have that wet dog kiss..that’s the best!! You look beautiful!!

  5. I’m so glad this was able to happen for Jessie and Toby. That had to be the best medicine yet! I hope this gets to happen every week or so. The happiness just radiates through the picture. Thanks for sharing this great reunion with us!

  6. I was pretty sick a year ago and my sweet pug sat by my side the entire time.. I know how important Toby and you are to each other — the pictures show it — we with our pets know it. Jessie – I am so glad you two are getting time together. I know Toby is there supporting you and you two are so lucky to be in this journey together.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Toby got to visit Jessie! I can’t think of anything more uplifting of her spirits! Please let Jessie know that she is in my thougths day and night. I wait patiently for the day I get to see her smile. 🙂 I miss her!!! Let her know that I know she is going to reach her goals, just as she has always done in the past. I am here to help her in any way if she needs it.


  8. Toby is so sweet Jessie. Faithfully praying every day for your physical and emotional healing. Stay strong and keep up all your hard work!


  9. These photos are great! Doggie kisses are the best. So glad you were able to have some time with him and I hope he is able to visit you lots more!! 🙂

  10. YAY! I am so happy you got to see your dog! Toby looks like the sweetest dog in the world! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Jessie you look great!

  11. I guess everyone can use a facewasher! That is one looooong tongue on that kid! Love the pics! Is he a vizsla??? He sure looks like it… He looks like he will be thrilled to have some training to help Jess (hopefully with more than face washing…)…

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