Saturday Summary

Just a quick update about yesterday (Saturday).  Jaime and Steven enjoyed a nice visit with a big group of Steven’s friends and family who came down from Canada to see them.  They also got their own mini fridge in their room and they’re pretty excited about getting to stock it with food that they like.  Mike Smith continues to text Jaime to check in on her and see how she’s doing.  Such a sweet, thoughtful man!  Jessie was eagerly anticipating her visit with Toby all morning and absolutely loved her time with him.  He stayed for about 2 hours and he got in lots of licks and kisses and tail wags with her while he was there.  Jess loved every minute. 

I’ll do another post later tonight – Jessie really wants to do a video post sometime soon, so hopefully we can post that sometime in the next few days. Jaime and Steven also want to continue to write posts, so I will keep them coming!  Thanks, friends! 

8 thoughts on “Saturday Summary

  1. Love it!!! Toby should come visit daily. Such healing power in the love of a pet. Looking forward to posts from Jamie and Steven. 🙂


  2. Sometimes a visit from a four legged friend can make all the difference, I can tell why Jessie has been asking for it so much! Brings a smile to his face and mine!

  3. This picture of Toby and Jessie brings tears to my eyes. I know that feeling all to well. I’m sure this was a delight for both of you. Warms my heart…wish Toby could just hang out with you the entire time. I am a dog lover and it’s something about a dog that makes things a little better.


  4. Love the pictures of Jess and Toby, thanks for sharing them. Oh how pets can bring such happiness and comfort. Hope this is just the beginning of the visits.

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