10pm Update…

Just a quick little summary tonight…

Today in physical therapy Jaime started using a special machine that helps her bend her knee, and she also sat in the therapy chair again today.  Steven sat up on the edge of the bed today for half an hour.  That is a big accomplishment for him.  All of these little milestones add up!  As I said yesterday, Jess is beginning to cruise around the unit in  her wheelchair.  All of the kids are very thankful for the gift cards that have been donated.  They are enjoying some of their favorite restaurant meals, and lots of smoothies!  They continue to ask for no visitors at this time. I’ll be sure to let you know when/if this changes, but thank you so much for respecting their desire to have space to rest and heal.

The many different ways that people have reached out to help all of us – both the “kids” and us, their caretakers, is truly unbelievable.  We are blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity.  Terry wanted me to pass along this thank you to her wonderful coworkers:

“Thank you very very much to my friends and colleagues at Intermec.  I am so touched by your generosity and thoughtfulness—I’m honored to be on your team.  You are all awesome!”

Thank you to all of you – the wonderful community that is such a source of strength for us right now.  You are a huge blessing to us!

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