A Message From Jessie!

Wow, I’m really grateful to finally have the opportunity to thank everyone.  I am just so blown away and touched by the cards, gifts, thoughts and prayers from people all over the world.  Each of these little things brings me so much joy and positive energy throughout my day.

So I bet you’re wondering what my days look like here.

I have therapy from 9-5 everyday (even Saturday) and any breaks I have during the day, as well as my entire evenings are spent eating, responding to emails and messages I receive, answering questions for my caretakers, spending time with my family and close friends and meeting my basic needs (getting dressed, my hair done, etc). Everything I do now takes significantly longer than it did before.   I am generally in good spirits, and like to give the nurses a hard time.  I think they really like me, and consider me their personal hospital pet.  If I’m naughty, they take away my pretzels.  Just kidding.  I think I summed it up pretty well with my hospital psychologist when I told her things kind of suck, but I’m doing okay.

I think making progress is kind of like watching your hair grow.  It’ something that’s hard for you to see on a daily basis, but when you look back, you notice just how far you’ve come.    My doctors continually tell me that I’m making measurable progress, and that continually motivates me.  I’m really fired up and willing to work hard to heal fully.

The big news today is that I started electrotherapy.  During this, my therapist places a cast-like device on me that uses electrical currents to stimulate my muscles.  The purpose of this is to stimulate the nerves to “wake up.”  It is really quite neat to see. It feels a little funny, and looks even weirder, but I’m grateful for modern technology!

So I think you might get a little giggle out of this.  I suspect I may have a little rehab romance going on.  As I was cruising through the gym in my wheelchair today, I noticed a young suitor doing some work on the parallel bars.  As I strolled by he was staring at me so intently that his therapist had to yell at him so he wouldn’t fall down.  I gave him a brief smile, and continued on my way.  A short while later, he “accidently” bumped into me in the halls, and made sure to tell me how well I was doing, while joking not to run him over in my chair.  Now, while he’s cute enough, I’m just not sure I’m ready for an office romance!  However, it’s really nice to be admired.

Thank you again for all your love.  Each day I am so thankful for your unconditional support.  I’ll keep fightin’ the good fight and kickin’ ass.



36 thoughts on “A Message From Jessie!

  1. I love this! Of course you would catch the eye of the guy from afar. =) so good to hear your words Jessie, I am always thinking of you and your family. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Jess, you’re an inspiration and beautiful light for so many people. Your hard work, dedication and motivation is one of a kind. It only makes sense that a guy would notice you. You are Jessie Owen! It makes my heart happy to hear the gains you are making each day. Keep that energy and positivity flowing. Hope to see you soon. Love ya!

  3. So glad to hear from you directly! You are an amazing person with an amazing attitude:) You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep us up to date on the “office” romance;) You look adorable in your braids!

  4. Dear Jessie, What a treat to have a message from you and to learn what a typical day is like for you. I can imagine that you are a favorite of the staff caring for you. And, a little romance — a neat way to spice up your life at the hospital!! 🙂 I am planning to give your Grandma Katy a call this week to check on her. I was so very happy to see her, your Aunt Anne and her husband Michael and your Uncle Pat at the vigil. Many of us have been praying for you and are continuing to do so. I love your braids — you look like a true little German or Norwegian girl!!! Blessings, Sharon Pakkala

  5. Jess love your sprite, when you give your care givers a bad time they have to love that because then they know you will get well again . Amen. I have all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Life is good even when you have to fight for it. Tons of hugs to make you strong,   Dot Carter. 


  6. Oh my gad Jessie, you are seriously cracking me up. You have such a fun spirit and I’m glad to see that in tact despite all the challenges. I’m sure there are super rough times, but you are awesome and you have a lot of people who love you!


  7. Stay strong!!! I love hearing about your progress. You will lick this and will have a wonderful story of inspiration to tell. You are an inspiration for me by taking everything day by day and getting through it the best you can. You are amazing!!!

  8. Rock on sister! It takes a woman of steel to plow through this path. It is your supreme attitude, undying willingness, and warrior spirit that will get you through this fight. I always amazed at the strength and courage you and your siblings demonstrate every time I read an update.

    Next time you see that guy, be sure to tell him, “I’ll race ya’!”

    Much love and blessings,

  9. I just want you to know that I have thinking about you lots. Your strength is truly an inspiration.


    Sean McKillop

  10. i’m so proud of you, Jessie! I will be taking lots of photos of today’s field trip and hope to get them to you soon. We’ll take you to the moon with us–by way of something WSU from the classroom. 🙂

  11. So good to hear from you first hand and know your really on the mend. I know your attitude will help the rest of your family have the strength to fight their individual battles.

    I was a friend of your mom and I see her sprit in you. Office romances aren’t so bad!

  12. How great to hear from you, Jessie! You are in our thoughts everyday and we are praying for you, Jamie, Steven and Jeremy!
    Zane, Jody, Jordan and Tessa

  13. It was so wonderful to get up this morning and hear from you directly, Jessie. I so love your attitude. It really will take you far we can’t change the past, but we sure can take charge of the present. You will achieve amazing things my girl! Keep up your fantastic attitude and perserverance will carry you far. You are a fabulous rokeodel to others. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  14. Way to go Jess! Love your spunk, humor and positive attitude, these things will get you far. Thank you so much for sending the message, good to hear straight from you. Keep up the hard work.
    Patty “O”

  15. you’re awesome!!! keep truckin girl… think about / pray for ya EVERY day ~ kickin ass is right!!!

    xoxo ~ the kincaid (moser 😉 fam

  16. So great to “hear” your voice. We miss you at school and are inspired daily by your spirit and your progress.
    Go girl!!

  17. Jessie,
    It’s great to read your post! I’ve been thinking about you and Jaime everyday and hoping each day is better than the next. Keep kickin’ ass! 🙂

  18. Hi Jessie!
    I am so impressed with your progress and can do attitude! Its fantastic. Keep up the good kickin’. We are with you in spirit, pulling for all of you each and everyday! John Schmied

  19. You are such a heart breaker 😛 I am very inspired by your positive attitude and hard work. Way to go!!!! I am really really rooting for you over here!

  20. OK Jessie! I have to check out this guy! Nothing gets by me you know! haha Glad to hear your great spirit and I feel you are just talking to me like we are in the office! Love you girl!!!

  21. Wow Jessie – you are some kind of iron woman. Your Mom’s training team from the City of Seattle is getting together for one of our potlucks. We will be telliing stories about your family and then sending you a message of our best/funniest/greatest memories. . I am so proud of your “Owen Spirit” and I know I shouldn’t epect less. I loved seeing you and Toby. I have a smaller version (Winston the Pug) but he’s right by my side when ever he knows I need him. I have a sense Toby is the same. These guys are something, I know your work is hard and I know you are strong. Keep trucking.

  22. Jessie, you and your sister and your brother have been in my thoughts since the accident. Great to read your post and hear the fighting spirit you have! Take Care! Keep up the good fight!
    -Frank Dellino

  23. You are sooooooooo amazing Jess!! So proud of you and the hard work you are doing. Your determination will take you anywhere you want to go!! Love You! 🙂

  24. Oh Jessie I am so proud you and your amazing grace and attitude! I am thinking of you daily and can’t wait to see you soon. Miss you so much!

  25. Jessie…I am amazed at how resilent you are. Everyone who knows and interacts with you is truely blessed.I wished you could do your therapy in a large venue so we could all support you at once…The Seahawks would be jealous because we are all your 12th Man…cheering loud enough to break glass and shake the Earth! Stay positive friend and continue to work hard. I have set some race goals for myself this year and I assure you that your name will be on my bib. Nad when your healthy again…we’ll race together 🙂

  26. Jessie, I don’t often leave a reply on the blog, but I do check up on you every day. I know you are putting all your energy in working hard to heal and move forward. You do inspire us and I, like everyone else rejoice at your tenacious spirit. I loved the pictures of you with Toby! Hopefully there are regular times set up for the two of you to be together. I like your friend’s analogy of friends and family being your “12th man.” Absolutely stay focused on your goals, but know there is literally an army of people who care deeply about you to support you on this journey.

  27. Hi Miss Owen, this is Grace Fulton from patrol. It is all going great. Mr. Wirtala got us new vests and flags and they rock and are awesome! But it is hard to hear about the accident that happen to you we hope you get better and are able to walk again and I hope you never forget that Jesus is with you everyday and all the time! I have been praying for you and your sister and your brother- in-law and everyday when I think of you and your family. Everyday I say a little prayer for you guys. I go on your website a lot to see how you and family are doing and seeing the amazing things that god did and the things I need to pray for. We all miss you dearly a hope you get to stand up out of the wheelchair and finish your rehab! I know all the teachers miss you dearly and hope you get better we know you are so much better than before and get better each day!!!!! take care of yourself Love, grace

  28. Jessie,
    I know that you don’t remember me as I only saw you when you were about 5 years old. But through your mother I truly know you all so well! I just wanted to let you know that I will be in Kirkland in August for my high school reunion and would love the chance to visit with you kids while I am there. I will keep tabs on you through this blog and will find you, where ever you may be at that time. You are truly an inspiration and your fighting spirit and optimism are like none I have ever witnessed. I loved your Mother like a sister and I sense that you embody her spirit and soul. I pray for you, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy each night and know that God will continue to see you through all that is to come. Love, Gwen (one of the 12th man crew).

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