Evening Update…

Jaime had a big day today.  She had an appointment at Harborview this morning to get her stitches out (she is now officially stitch and staple free!), so she got to leave her room at the nursing facility and spend some time with Jess while she was at Harborview.  She was told that her incisions are healing well, and the doctors will recheck them and possibly do more x-rays to make sure that everything is looking good in another 4 weeks.  Jaime and Jessie were able to spend some time together and they both really enjoyed getting to see one another face to face again.  Jessie continued her electrotherapy again and had a full day of therapy.  Steven sat up on the edge of his bed again today, and yesterday he was able to get into the “cardiac” chair (basically a chair that adjusts to lay flat or sit up straight) for the first time.  The progress for each of these three is slow, but it is definitely happening!  We are so thankful that they are all moving in the right direction!

One side-note that I want to mention tonight…we have had quite a few thoughtful people contact us to ask more about fundraising, and several of you have shared wonderful ideas of ways that we could raise money to help cover the medical costs that are being accrued during this time.  We have a team of people working on aligning our fundraising efforts and we are currently getting some of these details ironed out.  We will be sure to let you  know when we have more to share regarding how we will move forward with fundraising, but I just wanted to let you all know that we are working on it and should have something to share fairly soon.  Thank you for wanting to do anything you can to help!

Thank you for sticking with us and thinking of, praying for, and taking care of this family in every way possible.  We cannot express our gratitude enough.  You have been so good to us and we feel stronger because of your support.

3 thoughts on “Evening Update…

  1. So thankful for your evening updates! Bless you! How wonderful that Jaime got stitches out and could spend time with Jessie. I know they are a great encouragement for each other. Will be watching for fund raising updates.

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