11pm Update…

I’m updating from my phone tonight, so it’s going to be short and sweet ūüôā

Jessie had another visit from Toby today, and she loved that. She continues to have electrical stimulation therapy on her hands everyday, which involves putting a cuff-like device on her arms that sends electrical currents to stimulate the nerves in her hands (or at least that is my non-medical minded interpretation of how it works).  She sat up in her chair for 5 hours yesterday and is getting more comfortable sitting up for longer periods of time.  

Jaime started knitting again yesterday! It’s obviously going to be a while until she is able to knit as easily and quickly as she did before the accident, but it’s great therapy for her hands, and it also helps her pass the time in the nursing facility. ¬†Steven has begun working on logic puzzles to pass the time, and he is pretty excited that he is able to do that. ¬†Jaime and Steven were both blown away by the generosity of his co-workers this weekend. ¬†Thank you to his friends at Microsoft!

Jeremy arrived back in Bothell today and he will spend time visiting his family this weekend.  We are planning on sending him back to school with some of the homemade meals that you have made for us.  He really enjoys those and we are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who have kept us all well-fed over the past few weeks.  Jer also has a couple of VERY cool gifts coming his way that we have received in the past few days.

I’ll update tomorrow (Sunday) with an updated version of how you can help – because many of you thoughtful friends are still asking what else you can do. ¬†We are amazed at how generous you all are! ¬†We are so thankful for you!


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