10pm Update…

Not a lot of new information to share regarding the kids tonight.  The biggest “news” this weekend is that Jer spent time with Jessie, Jaime and Steven.  Everyone was really excited for him to visit, and they had a nice time together.  Jessie spent most of the day today resting and watching football.  Sunday is her day off of therapy, so she took advantage of the down time and is gearing up for another full week of therapy ahead.  Steven is really enjoying that hockey is on tv again, so he is watching all that he can from his bed at the nursing facility, and Jaime is really enjoying getting to knit again.  Jeremy was super excited and honored today to receive two very special gifts – one from the Lakers, and another from USA Basketball. He was blown away!  Thank you to those of you who worked to make this happen!  

Many of you are still asking how you can help, and not much has changed regarding the best ways for you to help.  We are so thankful for all of the gift cards that have been sent in.  Jessie, Jaime and Steven really appreciate not having to rely completely on the hospital food for their meals.  They are also enjoying some homemade meals that we are bringing to them.  If you would like to help by donating small, single-portion meals that can be heated in a microwave for Jessie, Jaime and Steven, you can contact Karin Costa at karin.costa@frontier.com.  Karin is coordinating meal donations for the family and caregivers.  I am also trying to keep the “How You Can Help” tab updated, so continue to check there if you are wondering what you can do.  As always, all of the kids really appreciate your cards, Facebook messages and blog comments.  We also know that, when they are able to read them, the messages about Tim and Cheryl will be very meaningful to each of them.  Please keep them coming!  

One thought on “10pm Update…

  1. I am pleased that Jeremy made it safely from school to spend time with Jessie, Jaime and Steven this weekend. My thoughts and prayers for the four of them continue as they go through the long healing process. By the way I like the new family photo!

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