A post from Jaime and Steven tonight…

We continue to recover together at the nursing facility. Our days are filled with junk reality TV or Law & Order SVU/Bones/Castle marathons. We had a general meeting with all of our therapists, our case director, & social worker & were told that we’re progressing well. Apparently we’re a joy to work with according to our therapists 

Today Steven had a check up appointment at Harborview with the otolaryngology team, where we found out that he had injured his right vocal chord, unbeknownst to us, but happily it is all healed & he doesn’t have to return. He got to visit with Jessie while he was there, & she was excited to watch as a 2 foot long camera was inserted through his nose to take a look at his vocal chord. He goes back tomorrow morning to have a checkup with his leg ortho team, & his arm doctor should be showing up as well. Hopefully we’ll have a stitch count for you for all the stitches we’re hoping get removed.

We had a nice visit with Steven’s parents this afternoon, & look forward to getting a chance to see some of his siblings next week.

Thank you so much to everyone for their endless support! We love reading the blog comments, facebook posts, cards, & hearing from all of you, so please know that we are very grateful & it helps to break up the everyday drudgery even if we can’t respond to each card or comment.

15 thoughts on “A post from Jaime and Steven tonight…

  1. Ohhhh… I love you kids and pray for you daily. Sometimes when I read the blogs I cry, sometimes I laugh, but I always end up with a smile and a thank you to Our Lord for surrounding each of you with his healing power and his awesome sense of peace and love. You all have a place in the hearts of so many. Many hugs to each of you.


  2. Dear Jess, Jaime, Steven and Jer:
    Very pleased to know that you are recovering well… We pray for you everyday… May god give you all the strength and lots of love as you go through the therapies…Get well soon…!!

    Everyone in MACH IT loves you !!! Can’t wait to have you back in the team 🙂

    Lots of love,

  3. Hi Guys! I’m happy to hear of your continued recovery & amazing spirit. I just wanted to share with you something funny that happened today. As you well know Tim loved a good trick. If he could get you to scream his inner 13 year old was delighted beyond belief.
    Today Donna was moving some big bags of shredded paper & screamed! Beneath one was a HUGE ugly rubber bug that Tim has planted there god knows when. We all got a good laugh – Good One Tim! Ya Got Us.

  4. It was great to hear from Jaime and Steven. I want to let them know that I had a good, quick visit with Jaime’s Grandma Katy yesterday afternoon just as she walked in the door with Alyssa coming from the grocery store and dentist. She looks forward to seeing you two and Jessie in a few days when she comes in with Patrick. Our friendship goes back nearly 47 years, so it is important for me to follow up with her occasionally to see how she is doing. My husband Leo and I got to see her, Anne, Michael, and Pat at the vigil, had a good visit, but had wanted to give her a little space before calling her. She was such a “rock” for me years ago, and I pray that I can be support and encouragement for her now. Along with several others who comment above I continue to pray for healing and recovery for all of you — as does my church family at Highland Covenant in Bellevue, and my own children. And, I have to comment on the humorous comment from Melissa Flores of finding the ugly rubber bug under the bags of shredded paper! Yes, my friend Tim was a tease and loved a good surprise. It was like the teen-ager I remember from years ago. On a gentler note about Tim and Cheryl, I believe that the last time I got to see them was a surprise visit from them as they popped in at our house in Kingsgate for a quick summer visit and big hugs from both. They were amazing folks, loved by us all!

  5. One more comment: I realize that there is a new Owen family picture at the top of this blog. It must be wedding day for Jaime and Steven — all of you so beautiful? I love Cheryl’s dress, but since Jaime is a “shorty” like me I can’t see her wedding dress and am sure that it is beautiful as well!!!!!

  6. Hi Jaime. John and I have followed you, Steven, Jessie and Jeremys journey from day 1. We attended the candlelight vigil at BHS and marveled at the courage of Jeremy. We hope that the Wildfire Farm spirit somehow helps in this long road to recovery. We think of all of you every day, feel the loss of your mom and dad, and hope that the community support will give all of you the strength to keep up the good fight. Our thoughts go to Terry also. Please tell her a hello from us.

  7. Only a young person would enjoy watching a 2 foot long tube be inserted down someone’s nose. LOL (Jaime, so glad you and Steven are able to be in the same rehab facility.)

  8. Hi Jamie its Winston. So glad to her how well you, Steven, Jessy are doing. I have been following the blog from day one. everyone at NWTS is pulling for you all. Breanon, Leah Jrob and Jackie. Hope we can visit with you soon, every morning i drive to work and pass your rehab, my i think of you and your family..

  9. Hey Steve it’s jess and Mak
    we have been following your post, was absolutely devastated to hear what happened to all of you. Let Jamie know how sorry I am for her loss. We miss you and are soo amazed to hear how quickly you are all healing…. GOOD JOB! Stay strong buddy you are doing awesome. We live in AB now or else I would have visited you asap. I’d love to send Jamie flowers ( let me know how). Lots of love for you guys get better!!!!!!!!
    jess and makenzie

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