10:30pm Update…

Steven was back at Harborview this morning for some more follow-up appointments with doctors there.  He had x-rays on his arms and spine, and also had most of his stitches removed (164 this time!).  Jessie visited him for a little while during the stitch-removal process.  He also had a new cast put on his right arm which is pretty big and bulky and limits his movement more than he would like.  He’s hoping they’ll be able to cut it back in another couple of weeks.  Jaime spent her day back at the nursing facility doing her usual daily therapy.

Jess texted me tonight (she’s getting pretty good at using various forms of voice activated technology) to give me a quick update on her day today.  Here is her summary…

“I got up super early to meet Steven again, tried to tell a snarky nurse who’s boss, loved seeing Steven’s stitches removed, and met one of my PT goals of bending one of my knees 90 degrees and I can do it 105 degrees!”

Not a bad day for Jess!  The goal of bending her knee 90 degrees is one of those goals I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that is written on the goal board in her room.  To clarify, the goal is for her to be able to have someone bend her knee to the 90 degree angle. Because her leg was broken and put back together, they are working on increasing her flexibility in that leg by having the PT manually bend it for her (she is not able to move it on her own to that degree).  Meeting a goal like this is such a motivating, encouraging step for Jess.  We all celebrate with her when she makes these accomplishments!

Tonight we have a new way you can help.  We have ordered silicone bracelets to be sold on behalf of the family, and all proceeds will go towards the medical costs of Jessie, Jaime and Steven.  Bracelets are Bothell blue and white (at the request of the kids!), say “Love the Owens” on them, and will be selling for $10 each.  We did a preliminary order with a few hundred last week, and they are almost sold out!  If you would like to help by selling some of these bracelets yourself, we have set up a fundraising email account specifically for this purpose.  Please email Deanna at lovetheowensfundraising@gmail.com. Bracelets will be shipped to you, you will collect the money (checks should be made out to the Owen-Mayer Family Relief Fund) and then you will send the money back when you have collected it all.  We would like for each “seller” to commit to selling 20 bracelets, just to simplify the process for everyone involved.  Unfortunately we are not able to mail individual bracelets at this time, but there are some bracelets currently available at Synergy Wellness Center in the Mill Creek Town Center (15224 Main Street #303, Mill Creek WA 98012), from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  The new order of bracelets should be available to be sold within the next 7-10 days.

Thank you again for covering this wonderful family in prayer, love, and warm wishes.  We are all so grateful for your support!

5 thoughts on “10:30pm Update…

  1. I work at Synergy and am helping sell the bracelets for the Owens. Please also feel free to call us and let us know how many to set aside for you before coming in and we can do that as well. Sometimes our office is closed or limited staff around the lunch hour so if you call first we can be sure to meet you there as well!!
    Please stop by and get some of these awesome bracelets to support this family!! We have the Blue, green, and a very colorful one that says “AWESOME PANTS” for Jessie 🙂
    Our number is 425.357.1105

    Thanks for the support!!


  2. I heard a out the bracelets and am so happy for the thought of how to get money to the right place. Courtney said she will find a way to get us bracelets for out of towners other wise I’ll check in with Deanna next time I’m in town. Great going guys!

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