Jessie Does Electrotherapy!

Jessie does e-stim twice a day in her hands to help stimulate the nerves. She loves it!


12 thoughts on “Jessie Does Electrotherapy!

  1. I’m giving you a big high five and hug right now Jess! That is awesome. Keep up the amazing work. We are behind you and love seeing your hard work on display. Thank you for sharing this video. We love you!!!!

  2. You are inspiring, always entertaining, and so wonderfully witty. We never got too know each other too well during our softball days, but I enjoyed our time nevertheless. You will beat this. Of that, I have no doubt.

  3. Very cool, Jessie! I love to see/hear about the technology they are using and are teaching you to use. Especially the voice-activated stuff. My dad has Parkinson’s and his ability to use his computer is being diminished and I am interested in finding out about what’s out there that might help him! Thank you for including us on this journey with you!

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