Weekend Update…


Jessie had another good visit with Toby this weekend.  She got some good cuddle time in, and Toby always makes her smile (as you can see above!).  She continues to impress the doctors with her determination and drive, and she is definitely making measurable improvements.  She enjoyed a visit from Grandkaty, Uncle Pat, and her cousin Hannah.  She gave them a tour around the hospital and Hannah held the kill switch on the wheelchair so that if Jess lost control, Hannah could stop it and Jess wouldn’t run into a wall or run someone over 🙂  She watched the Pro-Bowl today and worked on responding to some journals that her students have been writing for her.  I know that there are dozens of you who would absolutely love to come and visit Jess, but she is still not ready to have visitors at this time.  Thank you so much for understanding.  Her days are jam-packed and she is exhausted by the end of the day.  Your messages, cards, and texts mean the world to her!  

Steven and Jaime had a pretty low-key weekend at the nursing facility.  Steven was able to hit 90 degrees flexion on his left knee, which is a really great milestone that he was hoping to achieve.  Aunt Terry was also able to help him do some passive leg exercises without the guidance of a therapist for the first time.  All of the therapists like to train the caregivers to help with stretches and exercises that we can do with Jessie, Jaime and Steven when they (the therapists) are not around.  Steven received a great package from the Canucks (stickers, player cards including ones signed by Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kessler, a hat, and a pin).  Jaime and Steven, like Jessie, are also requesting no visitors at this time.  They also love your cards, messages and texts, so feel free to contact them in those ways!  

Thank you to our blog-reading friends!  We are amazed by all of you, and talk about you daily!  Please continue to pray for the physical and emotional healing of these four precious “kids.”  They know that you are cheering for them, and your thoughts and prayers give them strength to fight the battles that they face every single day.  Much love to all of you!  


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update…

  1. Christy, Thank you so much for these great reports and the wonderful picture of Jessie and Toby. I know that my friend Katy was looking forward to time with her grandkids and going with Pat. She looks forward to times that he is able to bring her in, and it is super that Hannah got to be there. Continuing to pray from here in Kingsgate, and my friends at Highland Covenant often ask about my friend Katy’s grandchildren and the progress they are making. Good news is always such a blessing. I copied the wedding picture of Tim and Cheryl with their kids on Jaime and Steven’s wedding day and included the blog site and along with bits and pieces of info that I could share with many friends and family members. One reply came from a long-time dear friend: Dennis Donovan who lives in Idaho now with his wife Jef. Dennis was a fixture and an important part of the early Kingsgate Royals swim team years of our Pakkala kids, the Owen kids and the Reed girls. His “old” swimmers, now mostly in their 50’s still have a special spot in his heart. This accident has hit him very hard too. I look forward to talking with Katy this week sometime and am happy that my phones are in working order now! They were totally dead this weekend. Blessings to all!

  2. Thanks so much for these posts and pictures. Dogs rule! The video clip of therapy was great, too.
    Jessie, keep going strong with your therapy. There are a huge number of people rooting for you as you recover.
    Thinking of you,
    Steve Davis

  3. Thank you Christy for continuing to share the daily progress. It means alot to all of us. First thing I check for at night or in the mornin.

    Bless you all for being there to give them the love and support they need. Hugs. 🙂


  4. I also check-in and read the postings everyday – i really appreciate the sharing of this information.
    Just a ‘shout out’ to Jessie: Hello! Just wanted you to know I think of you and your family everyday.

  5. Keep kicking butt…Jessie! I know you will!!!! I want a video of you chasing the staff down the halls (with Christy and Heather trying to keep up!).

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