Pictures of Jessie, Jaime, and Steven…and Monday’s Update!

Today Jaime’s wonderful dentist, Dr. Pam Sursely from Totem Lake Smiles, made a personal visit to Jaime’s room in Northgate to help repair some teeth that were damaged in the accident.  Such a generous, caring thing to do!  Jaime also sat in her wheelchair today for the longest time yet…4 hours!  Perhaps the most important aspect of her four hours in the wheelchair is that she was able to do it without any pillows supporting her broken leg.  She is currently working on knitting a scarf, although it is a bit of a slower pace than she is used to, as she has to work with a cast on her left hand.  Steven and Jaime have matching bright green casts on their arms.  It’s pretty cute 🙂

Steven has a big appointment to get his jaw checked at Harborview on Wednesday.  He is  hoping that they will clear him to eat solid food again.  He has been (very graciously and without complaints) eating only pureed food since the accident.  The hospital literally takes whatever is on the menu for dinner that night, sticks it in the food processor, and delivers it to him on his tray.  He has eaten everything from pureed chow mein, to a pureed turkey club sandwich!  Please pray that his jaw is healing fine and he will be able to eat “real” food again soon!

Jessie met with her recreational therapist for the first time today.  She is looking forward to starting to take some field trips, possibly even out of Harborview, in the next couple of weeks.

Jaime and Steven wanted me to pass along a message that they have had a few people ask whether or not they can have flowers delivered to their room.  If you are thinking of doing this, they would much prefer that you purchase a wristband (see the “How You Can Help” tab above) in lieu of flowers. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Below you will see pictures of Jessie, Jaime and Steven! I am going to try to post at least one picture a day. Enjoy!

Jessie and her extra-cute therapy helper for today 🙂


Jaime with the signed picture that jockey Mike Smith sent her, of him on the Horse of the Year, Zenyatta.


Steven posted this picture on Facebook, with the caption “Looks like I won’t need to do a fake Harry Potter scar next year – see, good things can come from this! :)”


6 thoughts on “Pictures of Jessie, Jaime, and Steven…and Monday’s Update!

  1. Nice to see pictures of everyone! Glad everyone is on track to recovery. I am a crocheter and was wondering how Jaime’s yarn stock is doing.. Does she need any knitting goodies sent to the hospital? Have any favourite yarns she would like someone to send her?

  2. What fun it is to see the pictures! Jessie, we absolutely rejoice as we hear about every step of progress that you, Jamie and Steven make. We all miss, you so hearing about your sassy spirit, seeing you smile and knowing you are working so diligently at healing, brings us happiness and inspiration. While we are not with you physically, you in our thoughts, hearts and prayers each day.

  3. Love, love, love the smiles! Keep hanging in there, kiddos! You guys have to do all the hard work but you have support from all over. Much love, Gwen

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