Big Day Tomorrow!

Just a quick picture tonight and one important piece of information to share with all of you….tomorrow afternoon King 5 will be interviewing Jessie at Harborview, and they are planning to air a story about the family tomorrow evening. Our hope is that this will provide an update for the public about the Owen family, and that it will also remind everyone that there is a long road ahead and we can still use their support.  I will try to update the blog after Jessie’s interview tomorrow, when we have a better idea about the exact time that the piece will air. Thank you to our loyal friends and family for your ongoing love and support.  We are so grateful for you! 

Tonight’s picture is of Jessie with some of her adaptive technology.  She uses a “sip and puff” system to call nurses when she needs them, and uses the same type of system to operate her computer.



8 thoughts on “Big Day Tomorrow!

  1. For those of us not in the Seattle area, would it be possible to post the broadcasting from King 5 News?! Would love to see it and share it!

  2. Please do pass along to Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy that I’ve been following along and am so proud of each of them and the progress they are making. I think about them every day! ~ Kellie

  3. I too follow the blog and think about Jessie, Jamie, Steven and Jeremy every day. I knew them when they were kids and we lived in Bothell. I will never forget this amazing family.

    Kathleen Pallansch, Claire’s mom

  4. Jessie, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy: I am so proud of all of you! I have been following your blog since its beginning, and I have been cheering you on and thinking of you daily! I went to high school with Jessie, Jaime, and the Bellin clan. You are all very special, strong individuals who will are important to so many people in this community. Please know thoughts and prayers are continually sent your way. Keep kicking butt :).

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