Happy Birthday Jeremy!

First of all, today is Jeremy’s 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday to Jer! It is truly a miracle that Jeremy walked away from the accident mostly uninjured, and we are so thankful that he is here to celebrate 22 years of life! Jessie put together an extra special birthday video for Jer, and she wants me to share it with all of you. Take a look below…


This video brings me tears every time I watch it. We are absolutely thrilled at the progress Jessie has made lately. It was only one week ago yesterday that Jessie was able to use her biceps for the first time. ONE WEEK! Last Saturday she was barely able to flex her muscle, and could use it to slightly move her lower arm, not even lifting it off of her lap. Today, just eight days later, she can reach her face! There is so much hope! Jessie’s improvement in her ability to use her arms has been a huge source of encouragement and joy for her this week. Unfortunately, she also got some disappointing news at the end of the week. As you know, Jessie’s left femur was badly broken in the accident. This week it was determined that she also injured her right knee pretty badly. Her MCL, ACL, and meniscus are all torn, her patella is cracked, and she has swelling in her femur. Doctors are in the process of determining how to best treat these newly discovered injuries at this point in her rehabilitation process. We’ll keep you updated.

Jaime and Steven enjoyed a visit with Steven’s dad and his sister Ashley on Thursday. Steven also bought NHL GameCenter which allows him to stream hockey games to the television in their room. This makes him very happy. Below you’ll see a picture of Steven with a signed jersey that he received from Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks.


Steven will return to Harborview twice this week; first to downsize his casts and then to get a CTA scan on his neck. Jaime also returns to Harborview this week to (hopefully!) get her arm cast off.

Jessie, Jaime and Steven all have wonderful friends who come and give them “spa days” in the hospital. Below you will see a picture of Jaime getting her hair washed by her dear friend 🙂


One more important piece of information regarding fundraising that I need to share with you this afternoon. We are so grateful for all of the people who have expressed a desire to help fundraise for this family. It is extremely important that Jessie, specifically, is able to stay eligible for the funding that is paying for much of her care. If you would like to help with fundraising or have an idea for a fundraiser, it is essential that you contact our family representative who will provide you with the information needed in order to make this happen. Please send an email to lovetheowensfundraising@gmail.com if you would like to participate in any form of fundraising. Thank you so much for your desire to help.

If you know Jer, please wish him a Happy Birthday today!

33 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  1. That is amazing Jessie! What a wonderful present! Happy Birthday Jer, hope you have a great time watching the Super Bowl today and being with friends. Still thinking of all of you and praying for many more improvements and progress!!

  2. JESSIE!!!! You can not imagine how happy I am to see you moving your arms – one miracle after the other….don’t know you Jermey, but I’m praying for your family and wish you the very best of birthdays. You are helping your sisters stay strong!

  3. That is so great to see, brought tears to our eyes. Jess you continue to amaze us, keep up the good work. Good news on Jaime and Steven too! Happy birthday Jeremy!
    Patty O

  4. Jessie Owen….you are ahhhh-maaaaa-zzzzing!!!!!! Mike and I couldn’t be more proud of you!!!! Your achievements bring us such joy. No doubt, ever. Looking forward to this Friday and all your amazing steps forward from the week ahead!!! Happy Birthday to Jeremy. I’m betting this gift tops his list. Love you!!

  5. Wow, Jessie! This made me cry. So happy for you, so proud of you, so in awe of you. And Happy Birthday, Jer. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy day for you — just remember, we are all behind you, all the way!

  6. Jen, just texted me in the final moments of the game to look at this blog. BETTER THAN ANY SUPER BOWL EVER!!!!! You brought tears streaming down my face!!! As I said from the beginning, “You’ve got this, girl!” You’ve always proved to me to be a hard worker and winner. Happy birthday, Jeremy! This will be a day for all of us to remember!

  7. We just watched the video a dozen times and I think you can hear our cheering down the block. I don’t think I have ever seen Mikayla so happy in her life. She keeps saying, “I knew she could do it!” We are so proud of how hard you have worked. HUGS!

    • Same at our house this evening! Haydn, “She said she was going to do it and she is!” You are so amazing and strong. We continue to think about you and send strength your way everyday!

  8. What wonderful tears of joy this video brought! Jessie, you are amazing and continue to inspire! That was the best present for Jeremy and the rest of us! I’m so thrilled that you, and everyone has this evidence of your healing. It’s the start of great things yet to come! Continued love and prayers to all of you.

  9. ohhhh jessie! You continue to amaze us all with your determination, strength, courage, and strong will to overcome this– and you will!!!! Keep up the strong fiesty girl that I know you are! I LOVE you girl! I miss you so much!

  10. Way to go Jessie! That’s a great birthday gift to give your brother, and just one more example of your amazing dedication, will and hard work!!!

  11. Ms. Owen, you are an amazing person. This is something that should deserve a special national holiday, for heavens sakes! You continue to amaze everyone who has shared this journey with you and your family, and are something that inspires and brightens my day. To me, you are a shining star, and this is something that has been extremely difficult, yet somehow rewarding. With every step you take, I’m right behind you. I love you, and believe in YOU! Happy birthday to Jeremy! I know this will be the perfect gift. I knew you could overcome the challenge! Congrats! =D
    -Cassidy xoxoxo ❤

    • Ms. Owen! I concur with Cassidy, you are a shining star and yes this deserves a special national holiday!!!! Love Coach Jerry

  12. I can’t stop watching and I can’t stop smiling!!! I called my parents, waking them up, saying ‘you need to get out of bed and watch the blog!!!’ Praise The Lord! I will sing his praises. You are amazing!!
    Happy, Happy Birthday Jeremy! I hope you were able to celebrate this win!

  13. Jessie, all the cheering and celebrating at the Super Bowl doesn’t begin to compare with the celebration of this victory by all those who love you and are soo amazed by your tenacious, fighting spirit equal to alllllll the effort of both teams playing their hearts out today! Your brother is smiling tonight! May he enjoy the blessings of the year to come and all the miracles you continue to bless all of us with. Way to go Jessie, continued prayers for all of you.
    Lori S.

  14. Awesome!!! What a great present for your brother. I didn’t get to know Jeremy but I hope he had a great birthday. Keep up the great work. YOU are strong!!! I love your positive attitude and your determination.

  15. Oh my! How amazingly wonderful to see Jessie move her arms that much. And the best birthday wishes to Jeremy. With much love from all of us out here.

  16. WONDERFUL NEWS about those amazing Owen kids, and Steven too!!!! I am thanking the Lord for this amazing progress for Jessie, for Jeremy’s 22nd birthday that he is able to share with his siblings and his friends, for family visitors to Steven, and for Jaime’s friends who come to give her some special TLC!!!! At my church one of the clever ladies who is very creative — just happens to be one of Mike and Kathy Holmgren’s daughters — had the idea for a kind of prayer wall, and members of the church family have been taking strips of fabric which she has provided to either write a prayer on the cloth or say a silent prayer as you tie it onto the strings that crisscross the the frames. It is becoming very pretty as each strip of cloth is tied on. I have one on there for the Owen family and their healing — specifically, today, I asked for God to help Jessie walk again! The various colors have a special meaning, but I forget all of them. Because JOY is my word I took orange which stands for joy and somethings else. Blessings to you all!!!!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY!! best birthday present ever!! oh my gosh you guys this is so exciting. I love you all and my prayers are with you all the time ❤

  18. Happy Birthday Jeremy. I will always remember you as the sweet little munchkin drug to the barn and various horse shows eternally asking “Mom, can we go home yet????” Can’t believe that little munchkin has grown to be a man. Enjoy your day!

    Jessie! You rock!!!!!!!! I have told so many people about yours and the whole family’s story. People you have never met are brought to tears watching your progress. Keep it up!

    Jaime and Steven. Keep looking forward. You two have a beautiful life to spend together and each day brings you closer to your dreams!

  19. Wow! How to start the day crying with joy! Jeremy, I hope you enjoyed the big “party” played yesterday for your day! And.on top of it, this gift from Jessie! I bet it brought tears to the eyes of the big man too. Jess, were you saving this up for his birthday? Awesome accomplishment! What a family. Thanks for sharing your milestones with us you barely know.

  20. Holy Smoke! Jessie – you are so, so amazing! The minute I saw Jen this morning, she asked if I had seen last night’s blog? She said she had watched it multiple times with Mike last night. I hadn’t so it was the first thing I did when I arrived home. Seeing the progress you have made makes our spirits soar. You, Jamie, Steven and Jeremy are absolute miracles. Your tenacious spirit and God’s healing touch are going to be the pathway to achieving your dreams/goals. It is such an honor and blessing that you share these milestones with us. Hugs to you!

  21. Our neighbors daughter was paralized from the neck down from a fall, a year later she walks around the block with her little boy. It was not quick and easy but after seeing your last video I have no doubt you will be doing the same!

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