9:30pm Update…

Steven made progress in his physical therapy today. He is now able to bend his left knee 82 degrees, and his right knee 52 degrees. He was also able to sit at the edge of the bed long enough for 2 sets of arm excercises, with 3 reps each. This is progress! Below is a picture of him sitting up on his bed…


Jaime’s quad didn’t hurt her as much during PT today as it has recently, so she’s cautiously optimistic that it is getting better.

Jessie did some new therapies today. In physical therapy she rode a bike. It was very challenging and she struggled with it, but she said that she enjoyed the feeling of having her entire body moving at the same time. In occupational therapy she did e-stim on different parts of her arm. Below is a picture of her working hard on the bike!


Jaime and Steven’s interview with King 5 has been postponed, but it will be rescheduled soon so that the story can still air on Valentine’s Day. Everyone is looking forward to a visit from Jeremy this weekend!

2 thoughts on “9:30pm Update…

  1. Thank you all for sharing these wonderful photos that indicate positive steps in the recovery process. I love the smiles! Steven, Jaime and Jessica you are an inspiration to me and your community, Thank you!!!!

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