10am Update…

Jaime got her cast off yesterday! She was able to travel to Harborview for her appointment in a cabulance for the first time, rather than an ambulance. The doctor was satisfied with how well her arm is healing, so the cast was removed and she now just has a removable brace. Yay! Below is a picture of her having the cast removed, as well as one of her cast-free!



Steven has a big ortho appointment at Harborview today. The doctor will be assessing his progress, and determining whether or not he will need further surgery. His dad, Dennis, surprised Jaime and Steven yesterday and drove down from B.C. to be with them for the next few days. They are happy to have him here.

Jessie continues to make progress with the amount of movement she is able to control in both her arms and legs. Today she had a visit with another young teacher who was recently paralyzed. He heard about her story and sought her out when he was at Harborview for an appointment. She was encouraged by the fact that he is back teaching this year, only a year after his injury.

To those of you who have ordered bracelets to sell…the bracelets have taken longer than anticipated to arrive. We have been told by the company that they should be delivered by the end of this week, so we hope to get them to you by the middle of next week. Thank you for your patience! We are so sorry for the delay!


5 thoughts on “10am Update…

  1. I was at Harborview for 2 months in March 2010 with a C4 injury, a brace on my leg and loved getting out on the bike and doing PT. I remember all of the pain and nervousness and excitement of learning to do simple things, like holding on to a piece of toilet paper or sitting up and going out in public. What a struggle it was but there is light at the end of the tunnel (I do walk and run now). I am so glad to see all of the progress and steps forward, it’s really inspiring.

    If you have any questions, let me know as I head up to Harborview on occassion to visit my old PT’s and for appointments.

  2. So great that Jaime was able to get her cast off!
    Was the teacher who visited Jessie named Jeremiah, by chance? If so, I know him! Well, I don’t ‘know’ him, but a dear friend of ours teaches with him, and I’ve met him a few times.

  3. Yay for Jaime! So happy for her! So glad Steven’s dad could come down for another visit.
    How thoughtful of that teacher to come and visit Jessie! So many blessings! Warms my heart!

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