Short 9pm Update…

Steven had his big ortho appointment at Harborview today. He was cleared to begin light lifting (5-7lbs) with his left hand, and he traded out his big, heavy cast on his right arm for a longer but lighter one. Both Steven and Jaime will have a procedure done next week to help break down scar tissue in their knees. They will stay at Harborview for a day or two to recover from this procedure. Jessie worked very hard in therapy today. She is excited that she has been given permission to take her neck brace off while she is in bed. This is a huge relief for her!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

5 thoughts on “Short 9pm Update…

  1. Sounds like some great progress the last couple of days! Woohoo! You’re all amazing, keep up the inspirational work! Thinking of you daily.

  2. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, with Jeremy here! The reports of everyone’s progress are so encouraging! Love the photos. Thinking about you and your folks every day.

  3. Jessie, I wanted to share an email I received tonight from a farmer that we purchase our meat from here in IL. On Jan 4th he was in a freak snowmobile accident which ;left him paralized……today he was released home and is able to walk again. Here is the email:

    “On a cold Friday night, January 4th, I was riding snowmobiles with my friend and co-worker Brett Heishman. It was just getting dark and we were headed back to the truck – the end of a great day of riding. Although I don’t remember the accident, Brett has helped to fill in some of the pieces. Somehow, my sled ran into the back of Brett’s sled, and I was thrown about 20 yards ahead of both sleds. Brett was knocked off to one side and rolled a few yards before looking up to watch his sled run over my head. We think that the ski of that sled got caught up under my helmet and forced it off, breaking three vertebrae in my neck and causing most of the damage to my spinal cord. My other injuries included two breaks in my middle and lower back, a broken nose, and a couple of large lacerations on one side of my face. A mystery yet to be solved is how a piece of plastic ended up in my mouth and created quite a few nasty, deep lacerations that had to be stitched up.

    Brett was able to call 9-1-1 and I was air-lifted to the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, IA. As I woke up the next morning, I came to the realization that I was paralyzed both in my right leg and my right hand. I spent three nights in the Intensive Care Unit, followed by two nights on the neurological floor. Once stabilized, I was transferred to the St. Luke’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. That was a great move, as St. Luke’s is known to have one of the best rehabilitation centers in the Midwest.

    They say that going through rehabilitation is among the Top 3 most difficult things to tackle in life…..and I now agree! When first arriving at St. Luke’s, the nerve pain in my arms was so severe that it was nearly impossible for me to begin therapy. Both my hands and feet felt like they were constantly asleep –you know that feeling you get when you fall asleep on your hand or leg and you wake up in the middle of the night with pins and needles shooting through it? The nerves have since died down somewhat, but my feet and hands are still numb, and on certain days can drive me absolutely insane. I won’t bore you with the daily routine of physical therapy, but it generally consists of getting you back to doing as many normal tasks as possible.

    Fast-forward 35 days, and I am extremely happy and proud to report that I am now walking again! My family likes to call it a rendition of an “old-man shuffle,” but it seems as though I’m improving my gait each day. And I ate lunch yesterday with the fork in my right hand – so much progress is being made. I’m also very happy to announce that I returned home on Thursday, February 7th. My wife, two sons, Graham and Maddock, and our farm dog, Max, were all extremely excited to have “Dada” home again! You should all know that my wife is the strongest person I’ve ever met. Not once did she ever complain about having to raise two boys by herself for a month, all while not knowing if her husband was ever going to walk again. She came to see me every day she could and was a very positive force in my rehabilitation and recovery. I also want to thank the rest of my family for picking up the slack in every place that they could. It definitely takes a village!

    Regarding Wallace Farms, I would also like to specifically thank Brett Heishman for stepping up and running the company that our family has spent the last decade building. Incidentally, Wallace Farms will celebrate our 10-year anniversary next month. I actually think Brett did everything so well that I have suddenly become obsolete and I’m thinking about retiring full-time….. just kidding….but it sounded really nice in my head! I also want to especially thank Ron Angel – the man responsible for packing all of your boxes of delicious meat – and Brett’s Dad, Bruce Heishman, for stepping in and helping Brett with many of the Iowa deliveries. Chances are good that you will continue to see both Brett and Bruce doing the drop-offs in the months to come. Although I would love to jump back in full-speed with deliveries, I am not yet able to drive, nor throw around any boxes. But you will periodically see me riding along this Spring – just to say hello.

    Lastly, I want to thank all of the supporters of me personally, Wallace Farms and Nick’s Sticks. I have received countless cards, emails, and Facebook messages with both prayers and positive energy. I am extremely grateful and humbled that this business has become much larger than one man and a few customers. It has truly become a movement, a force to be reckoned with, and a sustainable business with a vibrant heartbeat. I may have been weakened by this accident, but in a way, I will come back stronger than ever. I promise that I will continue to fight for this movement. I will continue to farm the way that I believe is right. I will not apologize for the beliefs that I have. And I will do everything in my power to bring the best foods that I can grow or source to your family’s table!

    Warm Regards……..FROM THE FARM,

    Nick ”

    If you like I am sure I could get you in contact with him so maybe he could share more details to his story with you along with encouragement.

    Love you!!! Lorina

  4. Lorina, I have heard some of this man’s story, and it can certainly be an encouragement to our Jessie!! Great to hear the news about Jaime and Steven and the progress they are making! God bless and encourage and heal you all. With love!

  5. We all love reading about the amazing progress each one of you are making. We are recieving lots of mail from the Minnesota side of the Owens extended family. The Cluffs, Jiim Sanders (Aunt Foo’s husband), the Mayers and Margie Mayer in Wisconsin have all been asking how you’re doing. We’ll share the blog address with them, so you might see some messages from the Midwest soon 🙂

    Much love from Uncle Pat, Cousins Hannah and Matthew and GrandKaty of course ! See you soon 🙂

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