Jessie, Jessie, Jessie!

Hi all, it’s me again, writing another post! These past few weeks have been incredibly busy, and I have been up to a lot of new things. I’ve enjoyed outings, new foods, a few new nurses, and of course a few new things my body has been able to do. I am not quite healed up yet, but I find that my hard work is slowly paying off and I am beginning to do new things. My doctors don’t quite know what to make of me because I haven’t followed any of the typical healing process. I secretly like astonishing them :-). The doctors say that there will be a period where I plateau for a bit in the healing, but I’m hoping that is a ways off.

I really want to take a minute and just thank all the people that have been helping me here in the hospital. You should know that there is so much going on in the background with all our supporters. Coordinating who’s going to be here, making sure that we get food, showing up and spending time in the hospital for multiple days during the week, and ensuring that paperwork and other fine details are taken care of. Us kids have had to do very little, other than healing, and for that we are really very thankful. Our support crew is with us 24 hours a day and they have not skipped a beat for almost 2 months. There are just not words strong enough to express the gratitude that I feel for anyone who has ever said a prayer, had a nice thought, or has contributed to the healing and well-being of my family.

Well it bet you’re wondering what I’ve been doing in therapy! Lucky for you, I’ve been taking a few videos of some of the things I’ve been doing. This first one is a video of one of the bikes that I ride. I have electrodes on my legs while I pedal, the bike measures how much I push and then uses the electrodes to make up the rest. For instance, if I’m pedaling none on my own, the electrodes do 100%. If I pedal 25% on my own in the electrodes do 75%. The people holding my knees are not pushing it all. They are just supporting my knees so that they don’t bump into the bike and so that my torn up one doesn’t hyper extend. When I rode bikes before I used to pretend I was Lance Armstrong… Guess I need a new bike hero now 🙂

This video is from today! Nice shirt. I know. This is a video of some of the mat work that I do. After lunch I usually get my wheelchair and head to the gym, and then I transfer to the mat to do some ab exercises and practice rolling and getting around on my own. Today was the first day I was able to roll over from neutral! I swing my hips back and forth. And then throw my body weight over to the side. It kind of works. Have you ever thought about all the muscles and coordination it takes to roll over? It’s a more complicated process than I ever would’ve thought!  But I can assure you after all this I will never need a washer, I can just use my 8 pack.

I want to thank you again for the pictures, cards, gift cards, flowers, and other things that you send here to the hospital. They make my day and every single one of them is still as special as it was on day one. I’m hanging in there, and I’ll update you soon!




31 thoughts on “Jessie, Jessie, Jessie!

  1. Jessie, You are an inspiration to all of us. Hard work and determination will pay off. I believe in you. I watched a friend’s son go through a very similar ordeal last year and he is walking!! Keep it up. Praying for you all the time.
    Karlie Kirkham

  2. Jessie, I have watched every video and read each blog….I join the physicians in my astonishment! Truly amazing! Fabulous work with your therapists which is truly inspiring! After 34 years as a physical therapist you and your team of therapists make me proud! Can’t wait to see it first hand!

  3. Look at you!!!! So proud of you, Jessie!! Once again, Mike and I are in awe of your courage, strength and determination. All things at the Benson Household stop when we see new posts and videos!!! We are cheering you on every minute of every day. You are nothing short of amazing. 🙂

  4. Wowie, Jessie! That’s tremendous! Watched each video and cheered you on. Keep up the great work…. I can’t imagine how hard it is…..hugs and prayers for you and family.

  5. Jessie,
    You are one amazing person. I bet Toby is proud, too (Roll Over! & Sit!). I can’t wait to see you in person and Shake!
    Holding down the fort until then,

  6. Jessie, I am finding you, your sister, brother-in-law and brother to be such incredible inspirations. You’ve never met me, nor I you; I know you through our mutual friend Jody. I’ve been keeping you and your siblings in my front and center prayers; you are on our church’s weekly prayer list. too. You hold a special place in many many many hearts! I love reading about each and every step of healing, and toward walking you are making. I am cheering you on, and think of you frequently. hugs and hugs — Pam

  7. Ah Jess you continue to amaze me, way to go! I’m sure your therapy is grueling, both physically and mentally, but the results are evident, keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Shocked and amazed each time I “tune in”! Such determination and hard work…love that you keep the doctors guessing, few can keep up with the likes of you! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished in such a short time. We’re all soooo proud!

  9. LOVE this….I take such pleasure in keeping Cabinet up to date on your progress…and all of them, SUPT, Asst SUPT, HR, Business are cheering you on. You bring smiles to our faces as we too marvel at you! Keep it up kiddo, we’ve got a classroom waiting!

  10. Awesome, simply awesome. My sister teaches at Leota and she doesn’t let her students use the word “awesome” in their writing unless what they are describing is truly awe inspiring. Umm… I would say that you definitely qualify for that word! I am faithfully following your family’s blog and have shared it with my 5th graders at Moorlands. Cheering you on, Ms. Owen!

  11. WTG, Jessie! I am so proud of you!! My dad has Parkinson’s and he hasn’t been getting enough exercise (of course it’s hard and he doesn’t like to do it) so when i go back and visit them in Nebraska this week I am going to show him your videos and get him a bracelet so he can think about you and how hard you are working. I’m going to remind him that you are both working regain/retain independence and how important it is for him to keep working even when he’s tired. Thank you so much for posting these videos for us. You are a star!! We love you!
    Zane, jody and kids

  12. We think of all of you every day and are so impressed with the strength and determination you all have and thank you so much for sharing the videos – it is like watching; you ride your bikes up and down the driveway. Hugs to all of you and all your supporters.

  13. Jesse it’s wonderful to hear from you about your progress and day to day life.
    I’ve cracked up multiple times. That washer joke really got me.
    I read each blog everyday and support you and Jamie and Steven through prayers and positive thoughts. You help put things in my life in perspective and remind me to never give up.

  14. Oh Jessie!!! Tears of complete joy this morning as I read your post and see the wonderful images of a girl that is surpassing all!! Prayers just keep on.

  15. We’re cheering for your many,many accomplishments, Jessie! So exciting to see these videos! The docs, nurses and PTs will have to re-write their play books. 🙂
    Much love, The Beyers

  16. Jessie, YOU ARE AWESOME. Your energy, enthusiasm, and positive focus come through in the way you defy the odds and make such dramatic progress. You’re an inspiration for all of us. I look forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile, I read the blog religiously and marvel at your positive spirit. Hugs, Lonnie Lusardo

  17. Wow Jessie!!! You continue to amaze and inspire everyone! We have never met formally but I I am one of your Halo Hills neighbors and fellow Northshore teacher at Fernwood. I probaly saw you passing by on many occasions…we live at the gray house on the corner of 45th and 212th. The strength of your family and friends is truly an inspiration to all of us. I love hearing about how you continue to surprise and astonish your doctors and therapists, and believe you are going to blow them away! When I was 16 my sister Molly (21) and I were involved in a very serious car accident that left her in a coma for nearly 4 months. Initially, we were told she would not survive and if she did she would be a vegetable for the rest of her life. We never left her side in the hospital (24 hour shifts) and kept talking, reading, singing, etc… the whole time. Many told us we were being unrealistic, foolish, etc. Well, she showed them! It was a very slow comeback as you know with intensive physical therapy, but to be able to walk back into that hospital and talk to all of the people who helped us and were with us through it all was incredible. I love that you are not giving up and are keeping the faith. The doctors only know what they have seen before….and from what I can tell about you…you will teach them a few things!
    Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers…keep fighting!!!
    Megan Moyer

  18. I am proud of you and your wonderful spirit! You are amazing!!! Keep up the hard work. I can’t wait to see you!

    P.S. I love the posts that you do, I can 100% hear your voice as I read! Love you friend!!!

  19. Truly awesome!!!! I had such joy in my heart and many tears in my eyes watching those short video clips! You truly are an amazing young lady who inspires everyone. Keep your strength, determination, goals, and positive attitude. They will continue to serve you well. I know all who know about you continue to pray and/or cheer you, Jaime, Steven, and Jeremy on.

  20. Jessie you are my hero. Your hard work, perseverance and amazing attitude inspires me. Thank you for sharing your videos with us. I love seeing your smile and watching all of what you have done during this time. Keep up the incredible work you are doing. The Stookeys love you and are cheering you, Jaime, Steven and Jeremy on each and every day.

  21. Jessie, like everyone else I am joy filled and awestruck by the tremendous progress that you are making. The work you are tackling has to be incredibly challenging, so keep in mind when things get tough that you have an entire army anxious to support you and cheer you on. You sharing your ongoing achievements brings all of us happiness and a deep gratitude of sharing this life with someone who is beyond amazing! We all miss you at school.

    So here is a little school story. My second graders keep up with your website at home and of course comment on how pretty you look when we are talking during “morning business.” One little guy announced that you have become a “movie star” because he saw you on TV. Now that you have had “your big break” as he puts it, he thought you might be going to Hollywood and was worried that you might not come back to teach him in 6th grade because movie stars “probably” get paid a lot more money than teachers! I assured him that your plan is to be back long before he gets to sixth grade and that I was certain you would not pick moving to Hollywood over being with him as a sixth grader. They are so cute… and yes, the little people miss you too.

  22. Jessie,
    AWESOME!! Keep up the good work and don’t let go of your determination. I love the way you want to defy the odds and keep the doctors guessing. Spencer and Joshua love watching your videos and the progress you are making. They want you for their 6th grade teacher. Thank you for sharing your progress and story with us. I look forward to your updates for they give me strength.
    Debbie Hogge

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