Weekend Update…

We are now two months post-accident. These two months in many ways have been the longest of our lives. As time has moved on and we have begun to establish a “new normal,” there isn’t quite as much to share on the blog about the everyday happenings with Jessie, Jaime, Jeremy and Steven. Each of the “kids” has a daily and weekly routine and they are focused on meeting their goals and doing everything they can to have the best possible quality of life in the future. They are pushing themselves physically and emotionally and they are working their tails off to get well and make one another proud. I will continue to update the blog when there are important things to share, and hopefully the kids will continue to write some of their own updates as well. The blog is important to all of us. We have been so blessed by people, both dear friends and complete strangers, who have reached out to us and offered to help because of things they have read on this site. We will never forget the generosity of this community. Thank you for loving this family so well.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I think it’s worth repeating…I know that there are many of you who have some great ideas regarding ways to raise funds to help cover the medical costs of Jessie, Jaime and Steven. We have a family representative who is helping coordinate and communicate with those who are interested in helping with fundraising. If you have an idea that you would like to share, or a method of fundraising that you would like to initiate to help cover medical costs, please send an email to lovetheowensfundraising@gmail.com. Several of you shared fundraising ideas with us in the first few weeks after the accident when we weren’t quite ready to move forward with fundraising quite yet. If you reached out to us then and we didn’t get back to you or we weren’t able to answer your question regarding fundraising at that time, please contact us again through the fundraising email address listed above. Our family representative (Sheri) will help point you in the right direction. Thank you for wanting to help!

Jessie update…This weekend Jess got her hair cut and spent her usual time on Saturday with Toby. She is looking forward to doing some aquatic therapy on Tuesday with her recreational therapist. Jer is coming home again next weekend and she is very much looking forward to spending some time with him again. Jess has a big week ahead of her. We’ll share more as the week moves on…

Steven’s update, in his own words…

My father joined me for a few days starting Wednesday. On Friday, we went to UW to visit the hand doctor about my right wrist. He gave me good news: no more cast! My arm feels incredibly free and being able to bend my elbow/feed myself, couldn’t ask for more. My sister Jennifer with her family Mark and their little River Rose surprised me with a visit on Saturday. It was fantastic to see my niece and we took an easy day catching up on the tv series “Merlin”.

Jaime’s update…

Big (not so new) news for me: I’ve been cleared to weight bear on my left leg. Friday was my first time standing up for the first time since the accident. I got to do two sets on the parallel bars! More a shuffle than a walk, but it was nice to really feel like I was making some progress. Since I can only weight bear on one leg, & my left forearm isn’t cleared for weight bearing, the “walking” motion looks like a multi-part process. I move my right leg lightly forward, scoot my arms forward while maintaining most of my weight on my left leg, and then shuffle my left leg forward. It was only a few steps, but hopefully I’ll progress to a walker this week & be zooming around the hospital Looking forward to ditching the hospital gown in favor of real clothes, using a real bathroom, & using a real shower!

Thank you everyone for your continued love & support. It means so much to know that we have such amazing support from so many people, & is a great motivating factor to keep pushing for our goals.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update…

  1. LOVE you all…such spirit, grace, tenacity, grit, tenderness, vulnerability, strength…..you are channeling something way beyond yourselves, us, and many others who would never be able to stand UP. I believe God is asking us to partner with his plan for the universe, through you…and I am so privileged to be a part. Again, whatever I can do….will happily, gladly, embrace ……KP

  2. Wow! You are so inspirational and poignant in your writing, in your example, and in your life!! It has been such an honor and privilege to follow your journey on this blog! You and your family are so wonderful! I remember watching you play volleyball with Jillian at Bothell High and thought “that girl has spunk!” I will forward this to Jillian. She is in Vietnam now! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of you!

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