Swimming Videos

I posted these on my Facebook page but I wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to see them. I had a really great time and am looking in to being able to do this on a more permanent basis. I felt like a little fish in the water!

In this video, I am walking on my own! It was really challenging and I didn’t do a really great job at it. It made me realize just how far I have to go. But one small step for JessieO, one giant leap towards recovery.

In this video, I am doing all that kicking on my own! Ready to kick some serious butt!





17 thoughts on “Swimming Videos

  1. You ARE kicking serious butt!!! Weeks ago I wouldn’t have expected that much gross muscle control so soon. Being upright in the water must feel good, even though you have to walk against the water pressure. I sure hope you can keep swimming often. Congratulations on these giant leaps! ♥

  2. SO therapeutic in SO many ways! My fave place to be — in the water 🙂
    Jess, can hardly believe how far you’ve come. Amazing you’re kicking and walking in water with that water resistance. Way to get strong!! Go Meraid! Hugs, the Beyers

  3. This is so cool! I have been inspired by reading and watching your progress via this blog! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day! (I am the mom of Julie N. who worked with you at King’s Temple.) God bless!

  4. Miraculous things are happening every day!! You are truly an inspiration! You have been in our family prayers since day one. Keep working hard and showing your students the value of faith and hard work. Hugs to you. Cecilia Sauvage, grandmother of Cassidy, one of your biggest fans.

  5. SO proud of you!!! Inspiration times one million!!! You are working SO hard, and look at how far you’ve come! MANY more milestones and celebrations ahead of you!! Thinking of you today – “moving day”. Hope you’ve settled in and your new caregivers and staff are fighting over who gets to serve on your team! 🙂 See you soon! 🙂

  6. Wow, so impressed! I’ve been following your families progress. I was about one hour ahead of you on the pass and my daughter and her boyfriend were about 5 minutes behind you. They had stopped in Skykomish to use the restroom. We have a house in Chelan. You are an amazing young lady and I have no doubt you will be walking again one day…Stay Strong!

  7. Jessie, you keep making me cry! You are so amazing and inspiring. You know you are going to have a book about all this one day right, and it will inspire millions more. If courage and a positive attitude can move mountains then Mt. Everest is shaking from you. Keep on fighting. We are all cheering for you constantly and celebrating all of these huge milestones with you. Victoria is so proud to wear her Love the Owens bracelet. We miss you. Hugs.

  8. Still cheering for all of you, still holding you before the Father, still sending love and happy thoughts and “radar hugs”! Would you like to see pictures of our farm and all the critters?

  9. Jessie, I have watched these two videos dozens of times. I know your progress must be thrilling for you, but believe me, we are all thrilled by it too. I imagine changing to your “new digs” must be a difficult move as I’m sure you formed deep bonds with your doctors and the wonderful staff at Harborview (plus it would be hard to beat the beautiful view you had from your room). You have proved you plan to take charge of your life, so keep letting everyone around you know what you need and how we (or anyone) can be supportive in helping you achieve your goals. We all miss you terribly! Lori S. and I especially miss all your beautiful doodles. You are definitely in our hearts and prayers each day. Hugs to you.

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