Update with posts from Jaime and Steven!

Jessie has been at Kindred with Jaime and Steven for a week now, and she is settling into her new routine and adjusting quite well. She has enjoyed the normalcy of getting to see her sister and brother-in-law everyday, and she has even been able to get out into the community a couple of times. She took a trip to the mall and also spent an evening at the movies with a friend. Jess has also rented a wheelchair-accesible van which allows her caregivers the flexibility to take her to appointments and on outings as needed. She wanted me to share that she has discovered a new way to get around the nursing facility. She opens doors on her own by lifting her leg and kicking the handicap button with her foot 🙂

The big news for Jess is that she will need to undergo a pretty extensive surgery to repair the damage that was done to her right knee in the accident. The surgery itself will take an entire day and two surgeons to complete. We’ll be sure to let you know when we have more specific information about when this surgery will be taking place, but we expect it to happen relatively soon.

Jaime’s Update!

Hi Everyone! As Jess so graciously shared, I’m finally up & about in the walker. It’s tiring, but super rewarding to be able to “walk” even if I can only use one leg. The interesting thing I’ve found about using the walker is that it actually tires out my right arm the most since it does the most of the weight bearing. Hopefully my left arm will be cleared soon to share the load. I’m also hoping that now that I’m up & moving consistently I can forego my anti-blood clot shot (a nightly event). I need to walk ~150ft regularly before I can stop taking the shot & today I think I made it about double that distance.
Other exciting for me news is that I’ve gained a lot of independence in the last several days. I can now get myself up & out of bed into my wheelchair & transfer to other spaces (workout table, shower chair, toilet! ) all without assistance. I’m also finally wearing real clothes! No more flowing hospital gown for me, except to sleep in. Being able to take care of these minor, everyday things is huge for me & I’m so grateful to all of the support & encouragement I’ve received along the way!
Steven & I are really happy to have Jessie join us! She has taken Kindred by storm with her personality & fuchsia pink wheelchair. We had a great visit with all 4 of us kids plus the dogs last weekend. It was Steven & my first time seeing Toby since the accident, & everyone’s first time seeing Benny! Big thanks to the wonderful people helping to foster our sweet puppies while we recover.
Again, thank you so much to all of our supporters, whether it has been through comments on the blog, facebook posts, prayers, cards, well wishes, & in any way helped to take care of us & our caregivers. We wouldn’t have made it this far & in such good spirits without the love & support we have & continue to receive.

***Also, since writing this, Jaime has had some more exciting news. She had her left arm cleared for full weight bearing which means that she can now use both arms fully when she is using the walker. She also no longer needs to have daily shots of blood thinning medication (to prevent clots) since she is able to walk and get her blood flowing daily. Good news all-around!

Steven’s Update!

Continuing on with my wheelchair and we are stepping up the pysical therapy to help strengthen the body for when I am able to stand/walk (hopefully at the end of the month). My right leg is becoming increasingly stronger and I am now able to lift it on my own. Otherwise, just a quiet weekend with the family that I always enjoy. On Tuesday, I was surprised by a visit from my mother and two sisters with my lovely nieces. It was fantastic for them to see me looking more like myself and I enjoyed every moment of catching up on the household news! Cannot wait until I can go back to visit them.

7 thoughts on “Update with posts from Jaime and Steven!

  1. More wonderful news all around! It is awesome to hear everything progressing so well for everyone. You all are constantly in our thoughts and we love being able to see how you’re doing without “invading your space” so to speak.

  2. You don’t know me. I am a long time friend of Mike Feldman in Maryland. Mike shared your story with me and I want you to know that people you don’t even know are following your stories and pulling for your success all over the country. Your spirit and determination are remarkable and inspiring..

  3. Sending all of you lots of love and praise for your amazing work in your recovery….I dedicated my snowmobile ride through Yellowstone to your entire family and thought about all of you as I rode through the beautiful terrain. Jessie, Jaime, Steven, and Jeremy, I continue to marvel at your resilience and strength. I can’t express how proud I am of you four.

  4. Wow you guys such uplifting news. Your drive and determination shows with every improvement you make. You all are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I’m sure that the times spent when all five of you, and the dogs, get together is the best medicine ever!

    In our thoughts and prayers,
    Patty O

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