Harborview staff gifts

I am going to keep you on the edge of your seats about the surprise news tonight. The good news is that I’m including videos in that post. The bad news is that apparently the Internet here is being run by a very fat hamster on a wheel. YouTube needs about 500 minutes to upload your treats.

On a super positive note, I have something possibly even more great to share with you. Over the past few months I’ve been telling you just how much I love my nurses at Harborview. When I left I wanted a way to say thank you for all their hard work and putting up with someone who is occasionally labeled as a “Princess”. I went on etsy and found not only the perfect gifts but also an amazing woman and philanthropist. Lara from Memorable Designs helped me to make these adorable tumblers for all the wonderful people that helped me to get where I am now.DSC00294DSC00308DSC00298

After hearing what it happened to my family, Lara offered to do these for free! In an incredibly kind gesture she spent hours of her own time and many dollars out of her own pocket to help make this possible. This gesture has touched my heart so deeply. But Lara didn’t stop there. In addition to the tumblers she made me personalized bumper sticker clings with one of my mottos “keep on keeping on, and kicking ass.” Totally adorable! No, no… She didn’t stop there. She and her daughter sent me a pink tin of caramel corn because they know just how much I love pink and have a serious weak spot for sugarcoated popcorn.

This family brings me so much faith in mankind. The fact that we don’t know each other and that she has selflessly extended so much kindness and happiness into my life, speaks loudly to the fact that we are all connected.

She has many adorable products and specializes in vinyl, glass, acrylic, canvas, swarovski crystals, and sterling silver. I encourage you to check out her shop and if you need any personalized gifts in the future I give her my utmost recommendation, respect, and friendship.



Stay tuned for some good news 🙂


6 thoughts on “Harborview staff gifts

  1. Wow. This is so amazing. I love when the kindness of strangers reminds you that people aren’t all that bad. This has been shown to me many times since your accident and it keeps amazing me. Keep on keeping on and kicking ass:) Love, Court

  2. Yet another WOW moment. It is amazing the things and people God puts in our paths. All of you and your story have touched so many people, friends and strangers alike. One cannot be moved by the grace, strong will, and resilience you all have shown.

    So proud of you all. Keep up the good work and thanks again for sharing with us all.
    Love Patty O

  3. That’s an wonderful story Jessie I’m all teary.. thanks for sharing. I bet Harborview misses you in a big way. Can’t wait for the big surprise. . Keep that hamster running.

  4. Jessie, what a wonderful story of human kindness, now and from all of your amazing care givers — I know that your gratitude and your progress makes their time with you worthwhile. I know you are blessed by so many, many kind people in your life during the most critical time of your life. What a very gracious lady to make these gifts free for you to give. I, too, am eager to hear your big surprise!! I am also hoping to get in touch with your Grandma Katy soon. I have a bad cold right now, so will wait to connect with her. How wonderful that your Uncle Michael and Auntie Anne were able to get back out to see all of you again. They are so proud of you as I know your parents are. Yes, “Keep on keeping on!” Love from Kingsgate, Sharon Pakkala

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