New big thing!

The secret that I’ve been waiting to tell you is… I stood! Without further ado, I share some of the videos that I took while at therapy.

It’s a bit long…

Day 2 of standing – that moaning isn’t me, it’s my little “nephew” Rowan who came to help

What my future might look like…
In order for me to maximize my potential for regaining function, I will continue to need intensive therapy from spinal cord injury specialists. Since I moved to Kindred, I have been shipped out to the best facility in Western Washington (Pushing Boundaries) for spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Pushing Boundaries’ mission is to provide intensive exercise therapy that strengthens and supports people living with paralysis, and their families, to maximize health and improve quality of life. Three to five times a week I take the van to Redmond for 2-3 hour one-on-one sessions with exercise therapists. If you would like to learn more about Pushing Boundaries, here is the link:

Here is a video of some other activities that I do during my time in therapy.

Just to give you some background on my injury…
My spinal cord is bent, not severed meaning I have an incomplete injury. This means that there are messages getting through my spinal cord and that there is hope that I will continue to gain feeling and movement, but we won’t know exactly how much until we see it. In contrast, if I had a complete injury it would mean that what’s done is done and the brain doesn’t have a pathway to communicate anymore through the spinal cord. Although I have limited mobility, the silver lining is that I get to eat meals like a queen; getting fed by the spoonful with someone gently waiving palm fronds to create a tropical breeze while I enjoy my delicatessens.

Here is another little video treat that shows you more of my abilities. I am really good at showing you all the great things that I can do, but I have a very long way to go. I don’t often show you some of the challenges that I face during my therapies, here’s an outtake.

The tentative plan for my future is that I will stay here for about six weeks and continue my sessions at Pushing Boundaries until I have my major knee reconstruction, which will take place in the middle of April at UW Medical Center. A few days after surgery, I will return to Kindred for another six weeks or so, until my knee heals. Beyond that the hope is that I will return to Harborview for a shorter inpatient rehab stay and then move out of state to one of the most prestigious spinal cord injury facilities in the United States.

As you can imagine, the cost for this level of therapy is extremely expensive, and most of it is not covered by my insurance. The money that so many of you have generously donated has allowed me to rent a wheelchair accessible van that can take me to and from my therapies and appointments, and has paid for my sessions at Pushing Boundaries. The cost of the therapies mentioned above will likely be hundreds of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Please know that everything you are doing for me is being put to good use.


A little bonus treat. 🙂 I am just too strong


25 thoughts on “New big thing!

  1. This is an awesome video to watch. I am so proud of you and your determination to accomplish your goals. I know that you have some disappointments but look what you have done so far. Keep on keeping on..Jessie, stay strong, never give up and never, never give up!!! I send hugs your way. Debbie

  2. God is good Jessie… You can do this. Stay strong and lean on God to help you through. Bless you and your family

    Sally Routh

  3. Yowza! Look at you! Yes, you have a long way to go, but you have travelled a fair distance as well. Your strength and determination are getting you where you want to go… of the world better look out. 🙂
    Prayers continue to come. Just last Wednesday Larry asked Jen and I how you were doing and when we told him he said, “she’s amazing”…..YUP, she is.

  4. Amazing videos! We are so happy for you!!! Keep fighting the good fight, you are doing wonderful! Lots of positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way.


    Isabella, Jesse, and Caitlin Foss

  5. Wow Jess you are “kicking ass”. Every video you send just keeps getting better and better and I know it isn’t without very hard work. Think of you all every day. 🙂

  6. YEAH!!! Can you hear me and my joyful yell all the way over there? I miss you Awesome Pants! Keep on kicking Bum (as Gracie would say). Love ya!

  7. Wow, I’ve been following your familys story and am so happy to see your progress. I heard about you thru my brother-in-law Mike who was traveling on the same road. Please take care and I think about you every day.

  8. Girl, you sure know how to bring happy tears to our eyes! I just loved readingto this entry. You do have a long way, but the progress you have made is huge! I know you will continue to “kick ass” in your recovery. You truly are amazing and insporing! Lots of hugs to you.

  9. Praise God, Jessie!!!!!!! We are thrilled with your amazing news. I know you have worked so very, very hard. I know you will continue to work hard, and I am praying for all of you! Sharon Pakkala

  10. Jessie Owen! You are an absolute rock star! Keep on Keepin on and Kickin Ass! That is exactly what you are doing! I have no words! I love your hard work and determination. My heart is happy.

  11. Jessie,

    So happy that you are getting great work outs at Pushing Boundaries and standing up! It looks like a fantastic place. I recognize Aaron from your standing video. He’s an awesome guy, I’m in PT school with his wife. Small world… I hope that you continue to set huge goals and crush them.


  12. jessie- you are going to do it!!! You are!! The body is an amazing creation- and we take it for granted until something harms it. BUT you can do ALL things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you, again and again and again,over and over.

  13. Holy Guacamole!! (as my preschoolers love to say!!) I don’t check in for a week and look at what you’ve done!! Impressed does not even begin to describe how I feel! I am WOWED, AMAZED, PROUD, INSPIRED and OVERJOYED to see your progress!! You keep it up, girl!! And we will keep sending you ALL our prayers and positive thoughts and energy!!
    Love, Zane, Jody, Jordan (he just turned 20–can you believe it?!) and Tessa!!

  14. Keep fighting the fight! You are doing awesome! I am so amazed at your strength and courage to do what most would not. Thank you for sharing your story, the videos, and your journey.


  15. Jess,
    You rock lady! Keep up the hard work. We are all so grateful and glad that you try to keep us in the loop. Cheering and praying for you each and every day, for all of you. Much love, Court

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