The Woodinville Weekly and Posts From Jaime and Steven!

A few weeks ago Jaime was interviewed by a reporter from the Woodinville Weekly, and I happened to pick up a copy of the paper while I was out today and lo and behold – there they were!  The newspaper was dated a few days ago, but the article is also on the Woodinville Weekly website, so you can check it out here:

Life at the nursing facility is busy for Jessie, Jaime and Steven!  Their days are filled with therapy sessions, doctor appointments at Harborview, visits from their close friends and family, and time spent with one another.  We are so deeply grateful to each of you who check this blog regularly and send your love and prayers to these amazing four fighters.  You have been so faithful to them, and also to those of us who are caring for them in their daily lives.  What would we do without you?  Seriously!  Thank you! Tonight Jaime and Steven have written updates to share with you, as well as a few pictures.  Enjoy!

Jaime’s Update…

Walking continues to progress well.  I walk every day now including weekends so that I can avoid getting my blood thinner shot.  My big news of the last week or so was that I got to go out of Kindred for my first non-hospital outing!  Thanks to Aunt Terry & a few friends I was able to go out & get a massage & enjoy my first non-hospital, non-takeout meal at Mongolian Grill!  Then, earlier this week a good friend kindly loaded me & my wheelchair into her car & took me out for crepes & a trip to the mall.  It was really nice to get out & about in the “real world.”
Update for my timeline- it looks like I will be leaving Kindred to return to Harborview for in-patient rehab soon after I am cleared to weight bear on my right leg.  We think that will happen at the end of this month.  I was given an estimate of 2-4 weeks for in-patient rehab; quite a bit shorter than the original 3 months I was quoted!  As a result, I’ve tentatively registered for a summer course to get me back in the swing of law school.
Thank you to all our supporters for sticking with us this far.  It makes the recovery process a lot more pleasant than it could be & is incredibly motivating to know that there are so many people cheering us on.

Steven’s Update…

My father joined me on Wednesday and looks like I’ll have his company until Sunday.  He’ll be joining me for my Harborview trip this week.  I had an excellent visit from some of my coworkers in MACH IT.  We had some excellent laughs and I can’t wait to get better to enjoy some lunchtime dates with them.  Today I went to Harborview to get some updated x-rays of the spine.  They gave me fantastic news that it is looking great and there are no restrictions on my physical therapy (well, supposedly I am not able to lift pianos so there goes that hobby).  Because my spine is looking good, I no longer need to wear my spine/neck brace.  Happy days!


 Jaime is such a champ!  She is pushing herself so hard and is up on her feet as much as possible!





Here is a picture of Jaime after she was reunited with her beloved dog, Bennie!



8 thoughts on “The Woodinville Weekly and Posts From Jaime and Steven!

  1. More great news, way to go! Steven what a relief it must be to you to be able to get out of the spinal/neck brace. Pretty soon you wil be chasing Jaime down the halls 😉

    Keep up the hard work it is

  2. More great news, way to go! Steven what a relief it must be to you to be able to get out of the spinal/neck brace. Pretty soon you wil be chasing Jaime down the halls 😉

    Keep up the hard work it is paying off.
    Your in our thoughts and prayers,
    Patty Osterhout

  3. You are doing great jaime! What a beautiful article – you represented your family very well

    Love you,

  4. Steven – awesome news about your back. Im glad you will be moving around without that big brace. Hopefully that makes things easier for you.


  5. Excellent progress report you two. And good article. I love seeing you walking Jaime, and especially like how comfy Bennie is next to you!

  6. Such wonderful news! Again, your courage, strength and perseverance are such an inspiration and lesson to all of us. Keeping all of you in our daily prayers!
    The Moyer Family

  7. Sending love to you all – I’ve read the blogs from the very beginning and was a close colleague of your Mum’s … I miss her every day, but see her determination, zest and sense of humour coming through in you all – frankly you are A-MAZ-ING!! So proud of what you have achieved so far and so inspired by your progress and courage – awesome. Sending love from the UK, Andrea xxx

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