You aren’t crazy!

The article didn’t appear in the Seattle Times today. The poop – face that was drinking and driving who killed two grandparents and injured a mom and her 10-day-old baby took precedence in today’s news. Believe me, I have much stronger words for this man, but I do believe some of my sneaky students read this blog. πŸ™‚ A little shout out to you! However, I am reserving my grown-up language for those of you who are around for me to tell you just how awful this man really is in person.

The plan is for it to come out tomorrow. Clearly they want to do this story justice and a reporter has worked very hard on this article. So keep your eyes open, but you know how the news works! Cross your fingers that there are no zombie attacks tonight, tidal waves, or rampant elephants on the loose.

Keep on keeping on


8 thoughts on “You aren’t crazy!

  1. Jess, you’re so right. Loose elephants and zombie attacks will take precedence – Always! – over your incredible story of courage, inspiration and determination!!!!!

  2. Thank you for confirming the non-craziness of me–at least the non-crazy for not finding the article. And about that “man”…rude much?

  3. My thoughts exactly…I will celebrate when your article comes, in the meantime,wishing this scumbag a life behind bars and treatment for his disease, alcoholism …prayers to the folks he hurt, and their loved ones.

  4. Jessi, We will watch closely for the Owen/Mayer article. I am excited to read it, and will let my friends at Highland Covenant Church be on the lookout as well as my 4 children. Even the ones who don’t live in the Seattle area should be able to find it online! God bless you, my young friend and your siblings too. Love, Sharon Pakkala

  5. I was able to open The Seattle Times at our local drug store and scan it yesterday; I was saddened by not finding your article. I’ll be there again today, hoping your inspirational story is in the newspaper. The world needs more news about determination and resiliency!

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