Updates from Jaime and Steven!

Jaime and Steven both got some AWESOME news this week!  You can read the good news in their own words below…
Also, FYI, the article in The Seattle Times on the recovery of this family won’t be published until at least Tuesday, but it could be later than that and we don’t have a specific date.  I’ll be sure to let you know if we hear that they are going to run it.  Happy Easter to all of you!
 Jaime’s Update…
Got great news from the ortho doctors today!  I’ve been cleared for  full weight bearing on my right leg & now barrel around on crutches instead  of the walker.  For PT this afternoon I finally stood up fully for the  first time in over three months.  The plan for me looks like no in-patient  rehab at Harborview (!!) as they think I’m far enough along that I won’t need  it.  I will probably be staying here at Kindred for another week or two  working on my balance, endurance, & building the strength to safely climb  stairs unassisted before I am discharged to go back home.  I will likely  continue doing out-patient rehab somewhere.  While I’m sad to be leaving  Steven & jessie, I can’t wait to get back to the apartment & to be  reunited with our kitty, Beth (I’ll also be right across the street & will  visit often). 
it has been really nice having Jer home for spring break & I’m hoping  to visit my apartment with his help this weekend.  Thank you to everyone  who has been supporting us on this long journey!
Steven’s Update…
So today was our big day at Harborview.  After 18 x-rays, they gave me the excellent news that both of my legs and arms are weight-bearing and to get working on it.  After arriving back at Kindred, I was excited to test these new changesl.  I was able to stand today as well as take about 15 steps with some assistance.  My balance is quite off, but that will come with time 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Updates from Jaime and Steven!

  1. Love all that, so glad the two of you are getting better…prayers answered!

    Jessie – how are you? Guessing it’s a slow slog? Look daily for the Times article, and will contribute happily to your out of state bid, in the meantime broke my foot and have just the tinest inkling into your angst…love to all!

  2. Wow, great progress reports! I can imagine the chance to leave Kindred will be somewhat bittersweet, since Steven isn’t going yet, but it sounds like he’s not very far behind! Great work you two! I bet Beth can’t wait for your return either.

  3. Jaime – the light is near! Im very happy that you are getting ready to go home.

    Steven – 15 steps on your first day weight bearing? That really is amazing. Was it dad taking the pictures? Be proud of your accomplishments – you are doing great. 3 months on your back and a whole new set of “bones” will make balance tricky for sure. Take a look at your xrays anytime you are wondering why something is hard. Your body has come a long way and has fought a near impossible fight. Your mind has done the same. And both have healing that still need time, perseverance and practice

    I love you both. I am so happy to see/hear about your progress.

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