My First Steps

Have I made you wait long enough?! I promise, it was worth the wait!

Most of us learn to walk only once, as babies. In fact, having to learn to walk again as an adult is so rare, I still can hardly find anything about it on the Internet. But, I have started my long process of learning to do it again now! Here is a video of me working to regain my life. My first steps…

Learning to walk from scratch has been more complex than I ever could have imagined. Try to explain it. How would you tell someone to position their hips? What is the angle at which their knee needs to rise? I think there is a reason that we learn to walk as babies, the first being that they are so small that when they fall on their butts they are far closer to the ground than I am! The second is that saves parents from the agonizing task of trying to teach something so complex. Can you imagine the fights over that one!? As you can see, this will be a lifelong journey for me, but I am so stinking excited to have started it!

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will  never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” Mark Victor Hansen

Since you have been so incredibly patient with my teasing :-), I am going to include some other videos of my activities at Pushing Boundaries.

Here I am doing some squats. My hands are strapped to a bar because I still have difficulty holding on to things. Marty is not helping me go up and down,he is only keeping a close eye on my hips in case I decide to take a tumble! 🙂

These are some lunges that I am doing on a regular walker. My hands are strapped to this too

Without a struggle, there can be no progress.

Keep on keeping on!



Keep checking in for a big blog post coming soon!


All of us plus Aunt Terry & two of my mom’s best friends, Sheri and Carla


The Seattle Times

There will be two articles published in The Seattle Times tomorrow (Sunday) regarding the accident and the road to recovery for this wonderful family. Both articles are currently up at Please check them out and/or pick up a copy of The Times tomorrow. Thanks!

Easter News

First of all, I want to celebrate my beautiful, smart, and hard-working sister for finally being discharged from the hospital. 358_509727006312_9920_nShe has earned it! Every time I went to see her she was stretching, working on range of motion, in her wheelchair instead of her bed, or strengthening her muscles. She makes me proud, and inspires me to work harder.

Now, onto discussing last weekend’s activities!

Easter is many things to many people. For Christians it is a time to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, for others it is a time to enjoy festive bunnies and eggs, or a combination of both, or for some just a Sunday. Above all, this day is a day meant to be spent in love, reflection, and thankfulness. Our family has celebrated Easter a variety of different ways, but has always included time with family. Our holidays look different now… Holidays for our family are hard now. Rowan_9-12_months_110They are a time when we can physically feel the emptiness of celebrations of the past. Fortunately, for us, we were able to experience love and a sense of belonging this Easter. We’ve been left with an amazing set of family, and friends that have helped to take care of not only our physical needs, but also are emotional ones.ImageRaces_2

We spent Sunday morning trying to pile all of us into the rented van. It worked fairly well. 🙂 There might’ve been a little rolling around, but nothing too major!Rowan_9-12_months_159

When we arrived we saw sidewalk chalk, Easter decorations, and a couple of smiley kids to welcome us. We had a late lunch filled with excellent prime rib, ham, potatoes, egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, cake, and many other delicatessens. We all miss fresh, home made food!Rowan_9-12_months_135

Jeremy took off a little early to make sure he got back to Cheney before nightfall. He was home on spring break for a little over a week, and it was really nice to see him. He came by the hospital here a few times, and he came to Pushing Boundaries once to watch me in therapy. I tried to make him proud. 🙂Rowan_9-12_months_112

He also escorted JaimO up to her apartment to deal with, I do believe, the fish tank. But with Jaime, I just never know.

After our late lunch I propped myself on the couch out of my chair. The temptation of an empty chair was just too alluring for my friend Heather, who as a child found herself at Safeway spending her entire allowance attempting to claim the teddy bear by means of crane from the toy machine. And, to her credit, she was quite good at it. I’m sure that Tony the Tiger stuffed animal was worth the $782 spent on it. So she popped on and away she went.Rowan_9-12_months_093

Well certainly it wasn’t fair for just Heather to have a turn, so each person had to have a ride! It was hilarious! They got stopwatch and timed each other as they raced a modified track around the house. It was oddly gratifying to see just how challenging it was for other people.


The best we can do during the holidays is to move forward with being the best people we can.Rowan_9-12_months_146 My mom and dad would want me to remember both of them and all the wonderful traditions and memories that we have built over my lifetime. But more importantly they would want me to go on with my life, so that we can share those same warm, loving, memories with people I care so much about. I am lucky to have a great support system, and I’m thankful for a fun and relaxing Easter. untitled

Keep on keeping onRowan_9-12_months_108

Look who got to go HOME today!!!


We are celebrating and rejoicing that tonight, after 3.5 months in the hospital, Jaime will spend the night in her own bed!  She is at home!  After much hard work and determination, she has been discharged from Kindred and will now be able to return to more of her normal routines at home with her beloved kitty, Beth.  We are so proud of her and she couldn’t be more excited! 

Today Steven was moved to a private room at Kindred where it’s looking like he’ll stay for another week or two before he transfers back to Harborview for inpatient rehab.  Jaime will visit both him and Jess everyday.  We have so much to be thankful for tonight!  Thank you, dear friends, for walking this path with us.  Your thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement and affirmation, and the joy and pain that you have all felt along with us has given each of these “kids” the strength they need to rise up and fight every single day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!